Silico is the world’s first Simulation platform that provides the tools to put simulation models at the centre of your strategic thinking. Founded in 2020, Silico is already working with global enterprises.

Their easy-to-use software combined with powerful AI recommendations ensures that their customers can understand the future impacts of their actions and consistently make the strongest decisions.

Here, we talk to Silico’s, Head of Sales, Rodney Taylor, and find out how a relatively young company, such as Silico, has benefitted from the support and scalability that Gungho offers to leverage its sales pipeline and increase brand awareness.

What made you choose Gungho as your telemarketing agency?

I had used Gungho previously at another company that Gungho worked with and had done great things, so I was very familiar with how Gungho worked.

How do you think the Gungho team have done in supporting your company’s lead generation programme?

Gungho traditionally works within the RegTech space, which we are not, so I guess we have been a bit of a curveball for Gungho. When we had the initial conversations about potentially using Gungho, we knew that Gungho would not have any particular knowledge of simulation software, but the Gungho team did a really good job and kept an open mind.

I wanted to use an organisation that I knew and trusted and would be able to take on what we do. In the beginning, I said to the team that this is a journey and we wanted Gungho to come on this journey with us. The Gungho team has done a great job in helping us to refine our pitch and audience and as we have shifted our focus and ideas, Gungho has shifted with us. The support that Gungho gave us really proved to us that this was a valuable relationship.

How easy was it for Gungho to understand the product?

We didn’t have to provide too much detail. We offered our use-case briefings which are 2-page documents that explain the company basics, our pitch, target audience and some help with objection handling. What’s nice about working with a company like Gungho is that their focus isn’t about selling a product, it’s about securing that initial meeting. It means that when they are talking to prospects who have questions, there is a natural cut off point in which the Gungho team can then pass over the lead for our internal team to follow up. Gungho got up to speed really quickly, within 3-4 weeks we were hitting the target number of calls. There has been a real evolution as we have learnt more about our target audience so the number of leads to activities increased.

Did you have any reservations about outsourcing this function and how did you overcome those reservations?

For me personally, I had no reservations as this is the third organisation where I have worked that has used Gungho for lead generation. I already knew how far this partnership could go, as long as we kept having success.

I think interestingly for the individuals in the company who did have resistance, it was down to a misunderstanding of what Gungho do, potentially thinking that sales targets were being put in the hands of Gungho which isn’t the case. I think we all see the benefit of the scalability of being able to ramp up and ramp down without impacting headcount.

What would you say to other companies thinking of using Gungho?

If a friend said to me, ‘Why would you do this?’ My response would be – why wouldn’t you? When companies are young, being able to flex up and down quickly is invaluable and this is what organisations like Gungho can provide. Being able to scale your headcount and scale your meetings to meet your capacity is extremely valuable. The flexibility far outweighs any worries about outsourcing.

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