New Business Discovery

Gungho supports RegTech vendors with lead generation, appointment setting and speeding up the time it takes to go to market.  Our campaigns are customised to your sales & marketing strategy, helping to determine focus and create an account based campaign around geography, industry vertical, tier and job title.

The services we provide for our clients can be divided into four key areas;

  • New business discovery
  • Appointment setting
  •, work flow and reporting
  • Global data set of 270,000+ contacts & 73,000 accounts

New Business Discovery

Businesses choose to partner with Gungho for a number of reasons – an urgency to industrialise the lead generation function.  We help reach accounts in new markets, industries and geographies to accelerate a sizeable opportunity pipeline.  Whatever the reason, Gungho are committed to delivering a results oriented programme that identifies revenue opportunities in new accounts.

Ahead of any new project starting, ideas are shared to analyse the target accounts, audience, identify countries of interest and any particular languages required (Gungho currently support 9 different languages).  Consideration is given to likely challenges, the local market regulations and how the campaign might conquer these issues.  The competition is meticulously scrutinised and work flow is built to register & report on likely outcomes.  Training is a key component; the tried & tested approach being fully immersing the Gungho team via an on-site training day.

Once planning, profiling & training are complete, Gungho will be ready to call out.  Each week, Gungho will make hundreds of targeted calls to the companies and audience you need to reach, helping you to not just hit your sales targets but (hopefully) completely wallop them out of the park!

Appointment Setting

The Gungho team are experts at securing appointments across multiple time zones & jurisdictions.  On a daily basis, each Gungho’er will make 100’s of highly targeted calls, to secure you a series of well qualified appointments.

Once an appointment is secured, qualifying criteria is applied to ensure the prospect is a decision maker and has genuine interest before assigning it to your sales team.

Appointments are assigned to your Sales teams through their calendars & Gungho actively monitor acceptances to ensure the appointment takes place.  Post appointment follow up is recorded and statistics on attendance & opportunity are shared on a weekly basis to assess ROI.

Many Gungho campaigns are fruitful when it comes to creating opportunity for its clients. Click here for some interesting case-studies., Work-Flow & Reporting

There is no doubt about it; we are the domain experts at what we do.  But we wouldn’t be anywhere near as good at what we do without Salesforce.  Our success at cold calling relies heavily on three key ingredients, great staff, great data and great technology.

Underlying much of our success is a proprietary Gungho data set of 270,000+ global accounts & contacts associated with senior stakeholders in Anti Money Laundering, Banking Secrecy Act, Compliance, 3rd Party & Supply Chain Risk, Financial Crime & Legal Counsel.  The data set is forever growing and wherever possible we leverage its strength & depth for our client campaigns. You can find out more here.

Our entire work-flow for each client is contained within  Every activity is logged inside Salesforce – that’s hundreds of calls, emails and voicemails every day.  Work flow, campaign results and analysis are shared weekly with clients via a GoToMeeting.  Click here for some interesting case-studies.

Data set of 270,000+

Our clients benefit from leveraging what is considered one of the most globally comprehensive target data sets for AML, Compliance, Risk, KYC, FinCrime, Legal Counsel & Regulatory decision makers.

Today, Gungho boasts an impressive global 270,000+ contacts and 73,000+ accounts – a number that grows daily due to a diligent team of researchers and callers.  Accessing this data set enables each of our clients to short-cut time to market and quickly ramp-up revenues.

Gungho provide reliable and expansive coverage of most Compliance & Risk job titles; Money Laundering Reporting (MLRO), SM16 & 17 under the Senior Managers Regime, Banking Secrecy Act (BSA), Risk, Compliance, AML, KYC, Due Diligence, Supply Chain Risk, 3rd Party Risk, Legal Counsel, Fraud, Financial Crime, Sanctions, OFAC, On-Boarding, Monitoring & Audit. Click here for an interesting article exploring how Gungho maintains its unique data set.