Support Local to Support Global

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A lot has been said during COVID-19 encouraging us to ‘support local’. It almost seems like a trend that sprang up out of the fact that travel and interaction were so limited for so long. It’s actually something that Gungho has been doing for years, but what does ‘support local’ mean, how do we do it and how does it benefit our clients? For a company like ours to talk about supporting local might seem a little at odds with the work we do. After all, we have international clients and a global reach.

Our primary aim is to work with RegTech firms to call prospects on their behalf and secure appointments for their sales teams. That is our specialism – it’s what we do. Our business model is about reaching every corner of the globe. We stagger our working hours so that we can contact people in different time zones. We are always thinking big for our clients and with the amount of time our voices pop up in different countries, our staff would be forgiven for thinking they’re in LATAM rather than an office 10 miles north of Weymouth.

Local Technology

As much as we view the world as ‘local’, we also see the benefit of utilizing hyperlocal suppliers in our day-to-day operations. For example, our technology is one of our greatest assets. The data we hold about prospects in terms of contact information, needs, pain points and gatekeepers, is invaluable in allowing our Business Discovery Agents to make successful calls and get those all-important appointments set. If we have an IT issue and have to sit in a queue to a call centre hundreds or thousands of miles away, it can negatively impact our clients. Speaking of phones, if there is ever an issue with our phone lines in terms of call quality or connection, it can hugely impact our ability to communicate and hit our appointment targets. Working with local telecoms and IT companies, Merlin Telecom and MonkeyPuzzle Computers, gives us (and our clients) the peace of mind that the solution to any technical problem is only down the road.

Local Recruitment

We have also implemented the ‘support local’ ethos in our recruitment process. We hire staff who live within a 25-mile radius of our office in Dorchester. In fact, the more locally based the candidate, the better. We have even been known to turn down great candidates due to their location because we don’t like the thought of our staff commuting over an hour on top of their working day. We work 10-hour days, four days a week. It’s great for productivity and work/life balance, allowing a long weekend, but it means that staff can be working into the evening. We want our staff to get home quickly after they finish so that they can rest and enjoy time with their loved ones. Their working day is much longer and more exhausting if they are travelling long distances just to get to and from the office. This doesn’t mean that we lack skill or diversity in our workforce. We have a big team, with excellent expertise, experience and importantly, language skills. Between them, our team represents 8 countries and can speak 13 languages! Our multi-lingual, talented team work hard each week to hit their sales targets and it makes the weekly competition to win a box of yummy cakes from (you guessed it) local baker, A Spoonful of Honey, extremely fierce.

Local Community

It’s not just during working hours that we support local. We like to reward the team at the end of the week for a job well done and so, of course, we head straight to the local pub. The Duchess of Cornwall is a leisurely 5-minute walk from Gungho HQ. When we’re not in the pub celebrating our team successes, we’re supporting the Weymouth under-16s netball team. We sponsor the team, allowing them to buy new kit and raise the profile of the club. The local league provides the players with the competitive experience to support their training. Many go on to be selected to access the England Netball Performance Pathway and further their sporting careers.

So how do under-16’s netball, cake, pints in the pub and local telecoms help us to ‘support global’?

Well, it creates the Gungho spirit. As a team, we care about our community, our colleagues, and the world we’re living in and we put our money where our mouth is to demonstrate that. We know the people we do business with. They are our neighbours, our community. We know what our suppliers stand for, we know how they operate, and we are safe I the knowledge that they share our professional values. It’s why we do the work we do; so that our clients experience the same peace of mind and avoid doing business with criminals, money launderers, human traffickers, or drug cartels. We want to make the world a better place and we feel like we’re doing that on a local and global scale.

We do hope you enjoy our blogs and our website which are made possible by our excellent web design agency, Stonecoast Creative who happen to be neighbours of ours in offices less than a minute’s walk!