Our take on working from home during COVID-19

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Working from home isn’t a new concept. It’s something that many organisations adopt to help their staff and business remain flexible. But working from home a day or two a week or on occasion to take delivery of a new washing machine isn’t the same as working from home during a global pandemic. Not only is there the weighty uncertainty of an invisible killer but there is the added pressure of your work and leisure space being confined to one building. That’s without the aching loneliness if you’re living solo or the claustrophobia if you’re living and working alongside others.

So how on earth do you stay motivated and productive working from home during COVID-19? We asked the Gungho team what they’ve been up to and gathered our tops tips, (so you don’t have to).

Creating Space

The Gungho team work with big monitors (sometimes two) and a phone, It’s great for efficiency, but does mean that specific space needs to be made for the office set-up. The dining room table, the kitchen side, the bedroom dressing table are all spaces that can be commandeered. Our team recommend you allocate somewhere quiet (if possible) and make the space as comfortable as you can. Stick up visuals of your targets, perhaps a little office memento, make it feel clean and tidy and get cracking. If you are able to close the door on your ‘home office’ at the end of the working day, great! If not, try putting a sheet over your computer when you’re finished. Sounds a bit odd but that clear signal means you won’t be tempted to hop back on and check your emails.


Recent studies suggest that the mythical productivity of multi-tasking was just that, a myth. We now know that focusing on one task at a time is the best way to work, but not always easy if you’re isolating with a young family. Discovery Agent, Charlotte, is working from home with a temperamental 3-year-old but reports that it’s not impossible to juggle work and family:

“He now has his own cold calling set-up and does his thing on the phone. I didn’t realise how many appointments and leads could be made from calling all the pups from the Paw Patrol!”

If you are working from home with others, planning is key. You might be accustomed to simply sitting at your desk, checking Saleforce and getting on with it, but lockdown working definitely needs a bit more consideration. Don’t worry if it takes a bit longer each morning to work out the logistics of yours and your families day, it’s time well spent so you can focus on your tasks because everyone else is clear about theirs.

Stay Connected

The main thing we’ve noticed is that as a close-knit team, not being physically close is a challenge. The in-jokes, the office banter, the joint celebration when targets are exceeded, we’re missing all that contact. So, our teams have regular GoToMeetings to share the important work messages but also the camaraderie we’d have if we were side by side. The team leaders are all very available on the phone to support the team and that’s really important at this challenging time.

It’s not all work either. We know it’s stressful being at home all the time, so we’ve set fun challenges. The team favourite was the Easter egg drop, where we challenged everyone to pop a decorated egg into a carrier of their making and drop it from the highest window. The eggs that survived won a prize (well, the team member did, not he egg…)

Small Things

We know our team love their jobs. Setting appointments with hot prospects and knowing that our clients get the best chance to close a deal, gives us a buzz. We’re only too aware that compliance doesn’t stop, and we know that what we’re doing makes a real difference which is what keeps us motivated to keep picking up the phone. The biggest thing we’ve learnt is that at times like this, it’s the small things that really matter. So, we thank each other, we celebrate success, we check in on each other. What COVID-19 has done for many, is bring into sharp focus the things that are important. For us, that’s delivering the level of service that keeps our clients coming back, but also realising how lucky we are to have each other.

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