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Acuminor is striving to create a brighter world. Their advanced technology and key expertise help their clients to combat the devastating global effects of money laundering, terrorist financing and sanction violations. Acuminor arms their clients with the knowledge they need to help prevent financial crime, by giving them accessible and up-to-date financial crime intelligence. 


As an early-stage start-up, Acuminor were facing the age-old dilemma; how to make the best use of their budget to reach the biggest audience, in a meaningful way? Cue Gungho and their email marketing service.

Here, we talk to Acuminor’s James Wink, Head of Sales and Partnerships, and find out how subscribing to the world’s largest, and most current audience of AML, Compliance, FinCrime, Legal & Risk personas, with over 120,000+ email addresses in over 50 jurisdictions, has helped to increase audience engagement and grow brand awareness.

How were Acuminor sourcing leads before engaging Gungho?

“We’re based in Stockholm where we have a good network of contacts within banks and financial institutions. Our initial strategy was to focus on people we knew. However, as a small team, we didn’t have the ability to reach a mass market.

“We had been using LinkedIn and tried to do some outreach with varying degrees of success. We needed something to really boost our presence and whilst we have a growing sales team, lead generation had been challenging, so it made sense to engage a third party to help us.”

What made Acuminor confident that they would get value from email marketing?

“I knew of Gungho from a previous role so we knew that they focused on helping RegTech organisations scale within the market we operate. We were curious to see how it would help. We were looking for something cost-effective that we could start straight away so email marketing seemed to fit our requirements.

“For us, the email marketing campaigns are designed to replace the tedious, hard work of using LinkedIn to connect with people. Often, people don’t look at LinkedIn frequently and using the platform to find email addresses is very difficult. We thought we could get results by using Gungho as an extra person in the team to do outreach for us.

“People working within financial crime prevention and AML are often very busy; they’re not always engaged with LinkedIn whereas most people read their emails every day. So, we felt it gave us a better chance of our message getting out to a much bigger audience than we could manage to reach ourselves.”

How has the email marketing service helped business? 

“We definitely have pipeline that we can directly attribute to the Gungho email marketing campaigns. We’ve been running campaigns since January 2021 and we get a monthly report showing the organisations who have engaged with our content. The reports allow us to see which companies are most interested in what we’re producing and inform where we focus our efforts to target particular organisations.”

How does Acuminor plan to grow the business and expand into new territories?

“We have identified several key markets to target this year and next. Our strategy is to utilise direct sales into those markets and work with partners like Gungho and other tech and consultancy partners to find new customers. We’re also looking to expand our sales team and then scale the business, expanding into new markets.

“The markets we’re targeting with our solutions are big and so we need to make sure the work we’re doing with prospecting is as effective as possible. Gungho can definitely help us with that.”

What has been the best email campaign to date and why has it been successful?

“We’ve had particular success in banking, financial services, gaming, gambling and payments so we have split the email outreach between those areas. We have created some general messaging for the financial services markets and then some more targeted messaging for gaming and gambling.

“The email marketing has generated some strong leads from our banking targeted campaigns. We’ve also seen high engagement in terms of opens and clicks from the gaming campaign. It’s a newer campaign so we expect to see that engagement turn into leads also.” 

What is it like to work with Gungho?

“The Gungho team are really nice people which makes the working relationship enjoyable. More than that, they are diligent, customer and quality focused. We have regular interaction with them, and they are responsive. It’s easy to work with Gungho because of their expertise in the industry.

“They are a trustworthy business. We have found the email marketing service a good, low risk, easy way to get started and build a sense of the value that Gungho provide. It will lead to us doing more work around appointment setting.”

Are there any challenges working with Gungho?

“The challenge isn’t about what Gungho could do better, the challenge is the legislative framework we all operate in. In an ideal world, we would like to know the names of the people who are opening our emails but GDPR makes that difficult. We can see the organisation rather than the individual which means we need to identify who is the right person to target. That’s not the fault of Gungho, it’s a constraint that exists.

“Another challenge for us is creating the content for the campaigns. We need to keep our messages fresh and ensure we get the most out of the campaign. That takes time and thought. In time it might be something that Gungho offers more advice and guidance on.”

Do you have any tips for the RegTech community as to how to launch an email marketing campaign to an audience of compliance professionals?

“Our top tip would be to find the right balance between sharing valuable content with your audience and actually sparking curiosity that will get them to take action and develop your pipeline. It can’t just be a blanket email, it needs to include value and thought leadership. Taking time to craft your message will ensure that you get the best return on investment.”

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It’s easy to work with Gungho because of their expertise in the industry.

James WinkHead of Sales and Partnerships – Acuminor