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A client of Gungho for almost three years, Acuris Risk Intelligence is much more than an independent provider of data for Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption and Cybersecurity professionals. Established in 2004 as C6, the organisation quickly became one of the top suppliers of proprietary data on PEPs, sanctions and AML for due diligence and compliance.

Having joined the Acuris Group in 2015, Acuris Risk Intelligence offers their clients a world-class dataset with expert human analysts and state-of-the-art technology to help proactively manage risk. Acuris Risk Intelligence focus is on Third-Party Risk, Anti-Money Laundering and the detection of Cyber Security risk as well as providing a powerful overview and enhanced risk management service.

So, with all their expertise and experience, what could an organisation like Acuris Risk Intelligence gain from Gungho that couldn’t be achieved in-house? We spoke to Head of Marketing and Customer Success, Brooke Petersen, to find out just that.

What is it like to have Gungho as your telemarketing agency?

“We engaged Gungho two and a half years ago. The way we’ve worked with Gungho during that time has developed and we’ve adapted our working relationship as our sales team has changed in size. From a marketing perspective, we wanted more qualified inbound leads. Every company in the market can get the leads, but how qualified are they? With Gungho, they do the hard work, they secure the meeting, they send the recording of the phone conversation and all the notes so you’re really prepping a sales team extremely well to then close that lead.”

What was the process like to get the Gungho team to understand your products?

“We had three or four face-to-face meetings initially and it was a smooth process. They are subject matter experts in the compliance space, so they already had a strong understanding. During our meetings and the first few months, they asked a lot of questions and really listened to us. If there’s anything that wasn’t working, they told us and made suggestions based on their experience. They were also able to expand what they were selling for us in the form of our non-traditional compliance products.

“What’s been really valuable is their transparency. They set clear parameters of what they can and can’t do. They also provide valuable reporting so we can see what’s working. The team are flexible and friendly which makes it easy to work closely with them.”

Did you have any reservations about outsourcing this function and how did you overcome those reservations?

“There were initial reservations because there are so many companies offering inbound lead generation in the market, we wanted to ensure we made a return on our investment. The Gungho service isn’t cheap but the old adage is true: you get what you pay for. When we saw the volumes of qualified leads coming in, along with the call recording and notes, we could clearly see the value that we were getting. That’s why it’s been easy for us at renewal to look back and feel satisfied that the on-going investment is well worth it.”

How do you maintain your brand whilst using a third-party?

“Having experience of traditional call centre settings, we were concerned about whether the calibre of the Gungho calling team would represent our organisation in the way we would want. We were really pleased to see that theirs isn’t a traditional call centre. Gungho train and develop their staff and really look after them. Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to us and whoever we work with, we want to ensure they have a similar ethos to us.

“In terms of our brand and maintaining its integrity, the Gungho callers have their own Acuris email address so prospects see that they are part of our team. The Gungho Discovery Agents who work on our account don’t then work on our competitor’s accounts, so they live our brand. Gungho has a huge amount of collective knowledge and have offered advice about what will and won’t work from their experience. We trust them to represent us given all that they know.”

How successful have the Gungho campaigns been in generating revenue?

“They’ve been really successful. We know we have generated a strong income from their activities, and we know that we can generate even more. They are definitely a value-add service, but it comes down to dedication on both sides. We don’t just give Gungho a budget and expect them to fill our pipeline with contracts. Our team work hard to maximise the opportunities that Gungho provide.”

What would you say to other companies thinking of using Gungho?

“I’d say they should consider two things; firstly, are they planning to run Gungho alongside their commercial team? If so, the commercial team need to be on board to track the outcomes in order to evaluate success. Secondly, are they planning to streamline their sales team and just have ‘closers’ taking the leads forward?

“If you have a great salesperson who works with the Gungho Discovery Agent, it really is a marriage made in heaven. But it’s like any relationship, you get out what you put in. You are going to need to put in the time and effort. There’s ongoing training that you will need to invest in, but also ensuring that you make the most of Gungho’s experience across the sector by involving them in shaping the strategy of the business.”

Are there any ways in which Gungho could improve?

“If they were able to add their reporting with our commercial reporting, that would be ideal but that’s not really something they can do or an issue at their end. Honestly, if an organisation embraces them and ensures that the commercial team keeps detailed tracking of these leads, it can be invaluable.”

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The Gungho Discovery Agents who work on our account don’t then work on our competitor’s accounts, so they live our brand. Gungho has a huge amount of collective knowledge and have offered advice about what will and won’t work from their experience. We trust them to represent us given all that they know.

Brooke PetersenMarketing and Customer Success – Acuris