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Founded in 2012, Clausematch is one of the leading RegTechs in the industry. It’s the platform that regulated companies depend on to meet their compliance obligations, operate policy management and regulatory change efficiently.


Danny Gal is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer for Clausematch. His reputation precedes him, with over a decade of experience within compliance and risk, leading successful Commercial teams at many global companies operating within specialised markets. Having worked with Gungho for a number of years, we spoke to Danny about how Clausematch have maximised their lead generation by using Gungho alongside internal sales efforts.

What was the reason for outsourcing your lead generation?

I was familiar with Gungho having worked with them successfully in a previous role. We were keen to complement the lead generation work of our internal teams with specialist support. I think that’s one of the big messages that people often overlook, they assume that they have to pick an internal team or outsourcing, but actually we’ve found that Gungho’s efforts compliment what we do in-house. Also being able to measure our team alongside Gungho, who are experts in this space, has been beneficial.

When we engaged Gungho we were going through changes within our team, so it was a good opportunity to bring in Gungho as a partner who were able to offer consistency while those changes were taking place.

How easy was it for the Gungho team to understand your product?

It really helped that the Gungho team were engaged with our company, our product and our ethos. They were proactive with researching via our website and attending webinars.

What many companies do is go to organisations like Gungho, train the team over an hour’s training session and expect them to know everything and perform at a high level. One of my big things is how do we continually partner and how do we continually learn? Because obviously, we’re doing that internally with the team employed by Clausematch, so why would we not do that with a partner?

We didn’t assume that because we’d completed a training session, that everyone understood our product. Once Gungho started calling prospects, we were keen to learn what trends they were seeing and what obstacles and objections the calling team were coming across so that we could continue training them.

How do Gungho differ from other lead generation agencies you may have engaged with in the past?

I think the first thing is you have the specialist knowledge. You retain your staff, and with that, you retain their skills. You’ve got a great mix of junior and experienced people in the team who love what they do, and are very target-focused.

Gungho are specialists in the compliance space, which completely differentiates Gungho from anyone else, and not just the dataset but from a knowledge and expertise standpoint and understanding how compliance people work.

With other lead generation agencies, they might be calling a compliance company and then a consumer manufacturer. They aren’t specialists in the compliance space. Gungho already know the personas of the people we’re dealing with which means that we have an advantage by working with you. Gungho have become an extension of our team, versus it being an outsourced telemarketing agency.

Have you got the desired ROI and how long did it take to meet your targets?

We knew we wouldn’t have immediate success and that it would be all about learning from each other. Roughly speaking, our sales cycle now is four months, but it was longer when we first started working with Gungho.

We measure if the deals we win come through Gungho leads. We monitor the number of clients as well as the revenue from those clients. I’m pleased to say we’ve got some good results and some big, big names.

The second thing is the quality of the meetings booked. It’s important that they are booked with the ideal customer profile so that we’re in front of the right prospect in the right type of company. We’ve done a lot of honing on that to make sure that that is super focused. We get those meetings from Gungho and rely on our sales team to close them. If they’ve booked with the right person in the right company and our sales team don’t manage to close, then that indicates an issue from our side rather than Gungho.

And then the third is the activity, how many calls, emails, touchpoints are we having? So measuring our ROI is very simple; it’s how much have we spent on Gungho versus how much we get in revenue and simply monitoring that on an ongoing basis.

What would you say to other organisations hesitant to outsource areas of their lead generation?

See it is a journey. Don’t expect to outsource for two months and get immediate results. Expect to invest long-term and look at consistency. Focus in on where your strengths are and the markets you’d like to enter. The aim isn’t to get loads of meetings. It’s for Gungho to book targeted, qualified meetings with the right people, that will generate income. Getting lots of meetings doesn’t guarantee ROI. I’d rather get Gungho focused on the ones where we know we’ve got product market fit and we know we can win business.

Also, go into it as a partnership and see Gungho as an extension of your team. For example, when you’re thinking about educating your internal team, include Gungho as part of that. They are representing your product and are as much a part of the organisation as your salespeople.

Finally, remember it’s not either/or when it comes to lead generation. You can work with Gungho in a way that builds on and compliments what you’re doing in-house giving you the best of both.

Whether you’re a start-up or a corporation, global lead generation is what we do. Call us on +44 (0) 203 326 8150

Gungho are specialists in the compliance space, which completely differentiates Gungho from anyone else, and not just the dataset but from a knowledge and expertise standpoint and understanding how compliance people work.

Danny GalChief Operating Officer and Chief Revenue Officer – Clausematch