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Exiger has long been revolutionising the way global corporations, government agencies, and banks manage risk and compliance in their third-parties, supply chains and customers through its software and tech-enabled solutions.

The company oversees some of the world’s most complex court-appointed and voluntary monitorships in the private and public sectors.

Over a continued 9-year programme, Exiger partnered with Gungho to drive its new business marketing strategy and rapidly grow their global customer base. The internal leadership knew at the outset of starting the business that outsourcing telemarketing and appointment setting was the best route to scale and industrialise the sales development function.

Gungho were tasked with profiling prospects, creating account and contact lists to accurately reflect where the Exiger sales team wanted to target all whilst securing well qualfified appointments.  This partnership enabled the Exiger sales teams to focus on closing deals from well-qualified appointments to create sizeable pipelines of new business.

We spoke to Ian Meadows, Director of Sales Enablement to find out more about the partnership:

Overall, how would you rate the quality of the service which your team has received?

There really is nothing but positive feedback. Gungho has worked with Exiger for 9 years and have such a great understanding of our customer base, our audience, and our products. Gungho have been incredibly responsive, they go above and beyond in terms of communication and we’ve seen great results thanks to that. The feedback from the team has been consistently that the quality and volume of the meetings booked, are both impressive.

Do you feel the Gungho team has a good understanding of your product?

Instead of autopilot, which the team could very easily have fallen into after such a long relationship, the team are highly motivated to learn and better align on product knowledge.

I have worked with 5 other appointment setting agencies in the past, and they were all great on paper, but they were no way near able to implement to the same level. We would give them training and even call scripts and they were just lost; they didn’t get it because they didn’t understand the space we work in. The comparison between Gungho and other organisations is drastically different, hence why this partnership has lasted so long.

Is there anything you feel that Gungho could do to improve their service?

I really didn’t find any weaknesses. If we needed to make a change or collaborate on new product materials, the Gungho team were exceptional – They exceeded my expectations in terms of how they navigated this process.

What advice would you give to anyone else thinking about partnering with Gungho?

I would HIGHLY recommend Gungho to anyone looking for 3rd party meeting generation. Getting 2 or 4 meaningful meetings is worth more than lots of low-quality meetings. The internal team fight over the appointments from Gungho, and want more because they are of such good quality. There has been a decent amount of revenue that has closed, and the service from Gungho has definitely paid for itself.

I would HIGHLY recommend Gungho to anyone looking for 3rd party meeting generation.

Ian MeadowsDirector of Sales Enablement , Exiger

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