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FinScan (from Innovative Systems Inc) cleans and primes internal data for compliance, AML & KYC teams inside Financial Services firms.

Screening customer names against a plethora of Watch List information starts with better data. FinScan addresses data quality problems such as duplicates, inconsistent formats, dummy data, and customer names misplaced in non-name fields, thereby reducing false positives and the risk of missing true hits by an average of 50% vs. competitive solutions. You can go to here to find out more.

Working with Gungho

FinScan approached Gungho in 2010 to support their global expansion plans.  FinScan (at the time) employed a small sales team based in London.   Gungho crafted a calling strategy with the FinScan Senior management team to profile target accounts inside the Financial Services industry and senior decisions makers attached to AML name screening.

The Outcome

The Gungho team have supported FinScan with calling, lead generation & appointment setting projects ever since!  The FinScan technology and their go getting sales team, combined with Gungho’s expertise at appointment setting has delivered lucrative revenue to their (now) global business.

In every sense, Gungho has helped to enable FinScan to vastly expand its footprint across the far corners of the globe, helping them scale their brand, their customer base, make the sales team more efficient and ultimately grow the revenue.

We have partnered with the Gungho team on various projects over almost a decade. They are a good bunch to work with, results are consistent and most appointments have an opportunity attached to them. Gungho set the standard high, over the years we have tried different agencies, tried our own in house calling team and in all honesty, their standard is difficult to beat.

Craig RobertsonGlobal Director - Major Accounts