Verafin is a North American leader for fraud detection & BSA technology. You’ll find their software in over 2000+ banks and credit unions across North America. Verafin solutions help detect and prevent serious crimes like human trafficking, elder abuse and identity theft. With their latest FRAMLx platform, Verafin bring community banks together – allowing them to collaborate under section 314(b) of the USA Patriot Act.  The company is headquartered in St. Johns’, Newfoundland (see their website for more info) and is backed by Spectrum Equity.

After using several outsourced telemarketing agencies (with inadequate results) Verafin turned to Gungho in 2014 in a bid to prove cold calling can create terrific results. Gungho has provided services to Verafin ever since; each week holding hundreds of highly personalised telephone conversations with an audience of 12,000+ Banking Secrecy Act Officers across North America.  The campaign provides Verafin with a true understanding of where their prospects might be in the buying cycle, their challenges, their incumbent competitor and the renewal dates.

Gungho spends around 200+ hours each week nurturing these prospects over a period many months (and years!) to create trust, value and reliability.  Verafin combine Gungho’s efforts with their own cleverly thought out marketing engine, creating events, webinars, and high value thought leadership content via Social & Email campaigns.

Consider the growth of Verafin over the last 5 years….their dedication to working with Gungho to truly nurture prospects for the long game creates some pretty impressive sales results.

Gungho = awesome.

Jason OakleyMarketing Lead, Verafin

The partnership with Gungho runs to target without a hitch. Their team play a key part in creating Sales Qualified Leads. Verafin can lean on this external resource to create opportunity.

Kevin BakerVP Marketing, Verafin

My folks look forward to Gungho’s appointments. Gungho have a knack in securing genuine interest amongst the banking community and feed my team great results.

Kelly HemeonNurture Team Lead, Verafin