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How The Gungho Dataset Can Grow Your Global Footprint

By March 18, 2023April 3rd, 2023No Comments

Let’s take a minute to talk about our data, one of Gungho’s four pillars, which make our services so unique. Along with our people, our technology, and our expertise, our data is what we’re known for. As the global leader in supporting specialised B2B technology vendors with brand awareness, lead generation and appointment setting, we know we are only as good as our data.

We discuss our dataset often, and why wouldn’t we, it is completely unique to Gungho and is built to serve specialist B2B RegTech, LegalTech and FinTech providers with lead generation. Having successfully operated for the last 15 years and generated over $1 billion in revenue for clients across the globe, it is certainly something to shout about. Thanks to the impact of our data, our lead generation services are delivering thousands of appointments a month, with a rolling year average of 43% going to pipelined revenue.

So, how did we develop our market-leading dataset and how do we keep it at the cutting edge? We’re asked this a lot, by potential and established clients alike. Here, we let you in on the secrets.

Quality AND Quantity 

As of Spring 2023, Gungho Marketing has a dataset of 400,000+ professionals from 50 jurisdictions around the globe, providing deep job title coverage, such as compliance, risk, anti-money laundering, fraud, legal counsel, third-party risk, trade surveillance and more. Amazingly, thanks to our team of Data Researchers and Business Discovery Agents, our dataset grows by a whopping 10,000+ contacts per month. These aren’t just any contacts; each one has been vetted to ensure they fit within the target audience of our customers – a few of those criteria include:

  • Account – They work for an organisation that requires RegTech/LegalTech/FinTech software, whether this is financial or corporate.
  • Job Role – The job role fits within our target criteria when it comes to the product, we are marketing. For example, if the product is KYC/AML we contact Compliance/AML teams.
  • Seniority – The individual has been identified as a potential buyer/influencer/decision-maker within the organisation when it comes to technology purchases.
  • Contact Information – We have access to both an email address and a working telephone number. It may sound obvious, but we don’t inflate our dataset numbers with out-of-date or bogus contacts.

Global Reach  

Our dataset is truly global, isn’t limited to regions or countries, and we don’t let language barriers stop us. We have a team of multilingual speakers supporting 13 languages to ensure your message never gets lost in translation. We understand there can be cultural differences across the globe when it comes to appointment setting, so with the support of native speakers, we can overcome any challenges and provide consistent results anywhere in the world. Our global communication reach means that we’re also able to verify and add contacts in the local language keeping our data clean and accurate.

Not only are languages no problem but time zones don’t phase us either. With offices across dual time zones, our in-house team of Business Discovery Agents call around the world, around the clock, to target buyers across all time zones. Operating as an extension of your sales team, we offer you the ability to scale up without increasing your global headcount.

Up-to-the-minute accuracy

Our proprietary dataset has been built from the ground up to respond to the specific needs of our clients. As such, we understand the structure of the organisations we engage with and who the best person is to speak to. When we are discovering new business, we don’t just stop at the first person, we keep digging and speaking to individuals until we find the right contact to connect our client with. That way, the opportunities we pass to our clients are fully vetted and more likely to close.

The difficulty that our clients find with growing, niche industries is that they often have a high turnover of key decision-makers, regularly moving to the next exciting opportunity. Our data-gathering workflow operated by our in-house team of 120+ Business Discovery Agents, allows us to track these changes and update the data in real-time. In fact, our team gather 50,000 data points a WEEK which helps us structure and target our calling.

Our clients are safe in the knowledge that our data is live and refreshed meaning that changes within a prospect’s organisation are captured fast. It’s only through meaningful conversations with genuine decision-makers that we can gain insight that no other lead-generation tool can.

Data and Brand Protection

Holding so much data is a huge responsibility and one we take very seriously. We follow strict procedures and train all our staff on important legislation such as GDPR and Data Protection. It’s not just about protecting the data of those within our dataset, but also protecting our customer’s brands and reputations.

We do not sell data, nor do we share data with third parties. Gungho is the only organisation which has access to the whole dataset, but by using Gungho’s services, our clients can access the data they need once an appointment has been made with an individual. The prospect’s contact details, and detailed notes of the conversation and opportunity are available so that our clients have the best chance of closing the deal. Gungho Marketing’s entire workflow for each client is unique, private, and completely self-contained within Every activity is logged, and campaign results and analysis are shared with the client weekly.

Industry Experts

You’d be forgiven for thinking our dataset is simply a comprehensive list of contact details. It’s so much more than that. Our data is compiled by highly trained specialists in the RegTech, LegalTech and FinTech industries; we are not generalists and are very proud of that. Our team of callers join us with unique careers to date and an excellent level of communication. It’s the humans behind the data that give it its superpower.

Remote relationship building is part art, part science, and our in-house Learning and Development Academy provides robust, ongoing training for all Data Researchers and Business Discovery Agents. Scripts don’t exist in our world and all the conversations we have with prospects are highly professional, industry-specific and meaningful. Our dataset isn’t just contact details, it’s a treasure trove of relationships and a tool for our experts to use to best serve your business.

Interested in leveraging 15 years of data specialism? Book a call with Gungho today!