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Meet The Team – US Team Leader, Mackenzie Stender

Mack is one of our Team Leaders in the US office. From joining as a Business Discovery Agent back in 2023, Mack put her all into learning the industry and quickly became a natural on the phones talking to prospects globally and booking high quality appointments. Her hard work paid off and only a year after joining the team, she earnt her well-deserved promotion! We caught up with Mack to talk about her career with Gungho so far.

Have you worked in a telemarketing role before?

I had never been in a telemarketing role before joining Gungho. I was working in hospitality roles doing bartending and I also stepped up into some management roles as well. I enjoyed leading a team and felt like it was the right path for me.

I wanted a career change, and Gungho stood out to me as a lot of my skills from my previous positions were transferrable. I hadn’t heard of the RegTech industry before, but I enjoy a challenge which is what initially drew me to the Business Discovery job.


How did you find the recruitment process and training provided when starting at Gungho?

I found the recruitment process very efficient, and it was a lot smoother than I thought it would be. It consisted of two interviews, and I was onboarded shortly after which I was impressed with. I felt comfortable in the interviews and was assured that my limited knowledge on the RegTech industry would not decrease my chances of getting the position, as Gungho offer a full training programme.

The training was extensive, but it was exactly what I needed to help feel confident on the phone when speaking to prospects. I found it useful as they have tailored it perfectly for people from all industry backgrounds. I’ve learnt a huge amount since I started, and my colleagues are always on hand to help if I need any assistance.


You became a Team Leader not long after joining, what steps did you take to get a promotion?

I told my managers from the start that I was keen to progress within Gungho. They gave me guidelines of what I needed to achieve to become a Team Leader and told me what was expected of me and made it clear what I had to do.

I needed to show that I was determined to get the promotion and put the work in. It was harder being in a different time zone than a lot of the managers, but I still felt supported throughout the process. They made sure to catch up with me and scheduled meetings at convenient times. They always provided feedback and offered guidance when needed to make sure I got to where I wanted to be.


What does your typical day look like as a Team Leader?

My day typically begins with virtually meeting the team over in the UK. Then I will go on to complete my daily admin and hop on the phone like everyone else. We try to incorporate some engaging activities to help motivate the team, making hitting targets both fun and rewarding. It helps keep our work environment positive and everyone working towards the same goal.

When I first joined Gungho, I was naturally concerned about what might happen if I didn’t hit my target, but the management team are incredibly understanding and are there to help you reach it. They can easily be hit and they serve as a baseline to assess performance and identify areas for improvement. They help show what is working for you and what needs to be looked at, so they are a good thing to have in place.


What advice would you give to someone applying to a role at Gungho?

Be willing to learn and grow. Approach your role with a fresh mind, even if you have experience in this industry it’s best to come in to the role like a blank canvas. Take as much information in as you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions on anything. Stay open minded to learning how things are done at Gungho. The learning and development team are amazing at their job and their training gives you an incredible foundation for your career here. If you are eager to learn and push yourself, Gungho provides an environment where you can easily thrive.


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