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Emma Kay

Recruitment Manager at Gungho Marketing.

Emma leads recruitment at Gungho Marketing and is often the first point of contact for anyone looking to join our dynamic and growing team.

Life before Gungho

Before Gungho I spent over 15 years in IT Recruitment working in London and surrounding areas for big global tech companies. My previous work involved headhunting C-suite executives, senior sales executives, and technical people; I thoroughly enjoyed it but in 2019 we decided to make the move to sunny Dorset. I did some freelance work but missed being part of a team, so took a position working as a Branch Manager for a Recruitment company in Yeovil.

After COVID, I joined Gungho as a Business Discovery Agent before being promoted to Team Leader 16-weeks later. I absolutely loved the Team Leader role, as alongside the appointment setting, I was also involved in developing client relationships. However, when the internal recruitment position came up, it made sense for me to apply because of my previous experience.

What would you say your greatest achievement is working at Gungho so far?

I would say the greatest achievement recently has been part of growing our new office in Bournemouth. We have found an amazing team with some great talent! I went to visit the new office recently and it was amazing to see such a strong group of people working for the company, it’s quite exciting to think what they can do as individuals for Gungho. I know that alongside our other teams, they are going to be incremental in helping us grow the business.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Well, I’ve always loved exercise and keeping fit – I’ve just joined the gym again which I’m really enjoying. I am a huge advocate when it comes to the importance of a work/life balance and a healthy lifestyle! I’m also an avid reader and writer!

I have a big family, so I like doing things with them, we do a lot of cooking, lots of BBQ’s, roast dinners! Living round here I’m also a huge beach fan – so will take any opportunity to be by sea!

And if you were to go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Well, I really want to go to Hawaii; that’s on the list. And to be honest, some of the countries in Asia, maybe Thailand, Singapore, India. I’m really interested in different cultures and understanding how other people across the world live.