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The Enormous Potential of Cold Calling

By August 5, 2017September 22nd, 2022No Comments

There comes a time when every company needs a hero. Looking for significant pipeline growth in a limited space of time, they turn to cold callers to provide the game-changer they desperately need. At this point, a phone rings at Gungho Towers. We answer the call, and our next challenge begins.

The turn-around in fortunes can be instant and astonishing. When a company decides to put some of their sales and marketing budget into a cold calling campaign, we can help them very quickly build up an accurate understanding of their market potential, and then help them fulfil that potential.

As hundreds of cold calls are made daily to their target market, hundreds of responses are captured and the information gleaned gives valuable insight into what people really think of a company’s proposition, what their market potential is and what the competitive landscape looks like. It’s quite simply the best possible testing ground for a company that is serious about ramping up their pipeline of opportunities.

In some cases, cold calling can give companies a harsh reality check, revealing that their proposition is a late entrant to an already saturated market, or exposing inadequacies in the pitch or positioning that don’t quite cut the mustard.

We’ve experienced working on all kinds of campaigns, and our team of cold callers are able to quickly identify whether the message, the collateral and market audience are suitable or whether work needs to be done to get these right.

The constant flow of information we feed back to sales management teams enables them to analyse the market response, including the perception of their company, its branding and positioning. This can often provide a totally new perspective on the proposition, and whether it meets the demands of the target market.

Our case studies speak for themselves when it comes to how successful our past cold calling campaigns have been – take a look for yourself! We’ve got the skills, the nous and the experience to provide you with a cold calling campaign that will help you slam-dunk your sales targets. So if you’re holding out for a hero, don’t hesitate to get in touch!