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Scaling Up: How We Are Adding 10,000+ New Contacts to Our Dataset Every Month

By May 29, 2023July 18th, 2023No Comments

If you’ve been following Gungho over the last 15 years, you’ll have witnessed incredible growth not only in our dataset but as a company overall. But here’s something you may not realise – we don’t buy our data. Instead, we meticulously craft and curate every single one of the 10,000+ individual contacts that we add to our dataset each month.

The number of qualified contacts on our system changes and increases day by day meaning that our data is alive and constantly evolving. At Gungho, we firmly believe in prioritizing quality over quantity although it’s worth noting that we definitely have the quantity too! We take pride in the fact that we’re creating a comprehensive and reliable dataset, meticulously crafted for your specific needs.

Buy vs Create

We’ve been asked many times before: ‘Wouldn’t it be easier to buy the data?’

The simple answer here is no. The high-quality data that we pride ourselves on wouldn’t be high quality if it were bought. We know this because our data is completely unique; there’s nothing like it.

Working in an extremely niche industry, we tailor our data research tasks to the needs of each individual client we work with. We know and understand that each client will have different buyers and different decision-makers. In our initial conversations when onboarding clients, we spend time researching and uncovering the potential buyers of their product, creating a bespoke dataset for each client.

Having a solid dataset is key to successful lead generation. By creating and researching each company and individual, we can guarantee the accuracy of our data.

Buyer Beware

Some organisations buy data in the hope that it will provide a treasure trove of hot leads. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Many pitfalls come with buying off-the-shelf data, not least the lack of tailored research that would have gone into creating it. Some of the other common red flags to watch out for are:

Duplication of data: It’s possible that the data you purchase may include duplicate records, resulting in wasted resources trying to contact the same leads multiple times. It’s not always easy to filter and spot duplicates as they may be listed under shortened or middle names. Data can also be inflated with duplicates hidden in global naming conventions.

Lack of context: Purchased data may not provide enough context or information about the leads. Are they the decision-maker? Where are they in the sales process? What are their pain points? Gungho Marketing’s entire workflow for each client is contained within so that all the nuance and intricacies of our client personas are captured.

Limited targeting options: Purchased data may not allow you to target specific demographics or segments that are relevant to your business, resulting in wasted resources trying to contact leads that are not likely to be interested in your offerings. Unlike generic data sellers, Gungho is adding more than 100,000+ contacts every year, all of which are compliance, risk and legal professionals – real buyers of the technology our clients are providing.

Are these red flags just par for the course? Absolutely not. Especially when there is a better option available. A consistent drip feed of sales leads isn’t going to be created by calling wrong numbers, sending emails to non-existent email addresses or finding out the person that you want to contact, left the company 6 years ago!

Data & Expertise

It’s not just data, it’s what you do with it that counts. High-quality data is great, but high-quality data AND expert callers are a winning combination.

Are we really experts? Well, we only work on lead generation for RegTech and LegalTech clients. It’s all we’ve done for 15+ years and it’s what we love. Our 110+ strong calling team are highly trained, working in three locations across dual time zones. They don’t follow scripts or hop from industry to industry and are a direct extension of your team.

We support 11 different languages and our global coverage is utilised by our clients to penetrate new markets and reach new worldwide prospects. Given our unique working pattern, we can call our global data set around the clock, and our centralised reporting, benchmarking and consistency of results mean no stone is left unturned when it comes to discovering new business.

What kind of companies use our data?

A Growing Dataset

We have worked with software vendors who have created software in the field of:


Ecoms Surveillance


Cyber Security


AML Screening


Fraud Detection


Risk Screening


Policy Management


Third Party Risk


Trade Surveillance


Due Diligence


Transaction Monitoring


Sanctions Screening

and many more...

Get in contact to find out how a bespoke dataset, an expert calling team, unparalleled industry insight and global reach could transform your sales strategy.