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Does B2B Lead Generation Work in the Summer?

By June 22, 2023July 4th, 2023No Comments

As the summer season approaches, businesses across the globe face the perennial question: does appointment setting for B2B lead generation really work during the summer months? In particular, the RegTech and LegalTech industries encounter unique challenges and benefits when engaging in lead generation activities during this period.

The summer months of July and August are particularly popular in the Northern Hemisphere for vacations and time off, as the school year ends, and annual family holidays are scheduled. Decision-makers and key stakeholders may be out of the office more frequently, making it harder to schedule appointments and secure their attention. This reduced availability can hinder the effectiveness of appointment-setting efforts, as it may take longer to reach decision-makers and secure meetings.

As a leading provider of B2B lead generation and appointment-setting services, we are here to help you make the most of your summer campaigns through effective telemarketing strategies. The perception that organisations will automatically face a decline in opportunities during the summer is old hat and here’s why.


It is important to bear in mind geographies when conducting lead generation from June – September. When looking at appointment setting, countries like Sweden have extensive holidays that are taken during July. Conversely, in the United States, shorter holidays and fewer total days off make the summer period more conducive to business operations. In the Middle East, traditional or religious observances can influence the availability and responsiveness of decision-makers. In the Southern Hemisphere, territories like Australia are experiencing Winter during June – August and so their summer holidays are actually taken in December and January.

To ensure your campaign’s success, it is essential to conduct thorough research on regional laws and cultural practices. By leveraging our expertise and market knowledge, we can guide you in identifying the right time to invest your campaign efforts, ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.


Depending on where you are targeting, depends on the seasonality of the industry. For instance, we know that during the summer months, it will inevitably be harder to get hold of those working within the education sector. We also know that during the summer is when they would typically start to implement new software. For the global RegTechs we work with, we know that the finance and tech sectors operate throughout the year, so seasonality won’t have the same impact. With over 15 years of experience in the lead generation space, we can advise and guide you to ensure that seasonality is an opportunity rather than a barrier.

Less Competition

Many companies assume that the summer months are slow and consequently decrease their marketing efforts. RegTech and LegalTech’s own in-house sales teams may be stretched thin and so the focus is often taken off appointment setting and diverted to other marketing strategies.

By continuing or even intensifying lead generation activities during summer, businesses can benefit from reduced competition, as prospects may be more receptive to engaging with fewer incoming inquiries. Couple fewer competing cold calls with gatekeepers more likely to be on holiday and you have a recipe for positive interactions with decision-makers.

Strategic Planning

While families with children typically plan vacations during the summer school holiday period, working professionals without children tend to schedule their annual leave outside of this time. With the relaxed atmosphere that often accompanies fewer people in the office, it can be the perfect time to target prospects.

Summer provides an opportunity for businesses to plan for the rest of the year. Decision-makers who are less occupied with day-to-day tasks may have more time to evaluate potential partnerships and solutions. The RegTech industry, in particular, can benefit as companies prepare for upcoming regulatory changes. Decision-makers may be more receptive to exploring new solutions that can help them adapt to evolving regulations.

By engaging in appointment-setting campaigns during this time, RegTechs and LegalTechs can position themselves as proactive and forward-thinking, capturing the attention of prospects who are already considering their long-term objectives.


In conclusion, focusing on appointment setting for B2B lead generation in the summer presents a strategic opportunity for RegTech and LegalTech organisations. Despite the typical slowdown experienced by businesses during this season, it is precisely the time to proactively engage with potential clients. By dedicating resources and efforts to appointment setting during the summer, companies can gain a competitive advantage and generate valuable leads. It allows RegTech and LegalTechs to leverage the reduced competition and focus on building relationships with key decision-makers.

The summer period provides a window of opportunity to reach out, showcase expertise, and position organisations as trusted partners. By capitalising on this time, RegTech and LegalTech companies can lay a solid foundation for future business growth and establish themselves as industry leaders in the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.