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6 Ways We Support Internal Lead Generation Teams

By October 27, 2022August 30th, 2023No Comments

Gungho has been growing brand awareness and securing well-qualified appointments with decision-makers since 2007. Working with RegTech and LegalTech start-ups and enterprise organisations, we’ve secured 13,000+ appointments in the last 12 months. Appointment setting, lead nurturing and email marketing are all powered by our market-leading proprietary dataset and allow us to help build long-term business growth.

When new clients approach us, we’re often asked what we do that internal lead generation teams can’t. It’s a fair question. After all, why outsource any part of your sales efforts when you have talented employees working hard to bring in business? Here, we discuss 6 ways that we support internal lead generation teams and offer a unique service that helps grow your global footprint and drive new revenue.

6 Ways We Support Internal Lead Generation Teams

1. We are RegTech and LegalTech specialists

Gungho has always been and will continue to be specialists in RegTech and LegalTech. Having worked in these industries for over 15 years, helping 100+ organisations to reach their goals, we are experts in lead generation. We have built an industry-led dataset of 500,000+ professionals from 50 jurisdictions around the globe, and with it, gained specialist market insight that no other lead generation organisation has. Our highly trained staff constantly cleanse our data so that it remains the most up-to-date and unique in the industry.

2. Working in partnership

We refer to our service as outsourcing, but that term used in the context of what we do is slightly misleading. We don’t like to work as an outside contractor, we are very much part of your internal operation. We dedicate time to learning your value proposition and training alongside internal staff. Any contact we make with prospects is as a direct representative of your business. Our success is driven by becoming part of your team and working in partnership with you to ensure you reach your sales goals.

3. Empower your sales team to close

Trusting specialists with lead generation allows your sales team to focus on what they’re passionate about, building relationships and closing deals. Often sales representatives are tasked with not only nurturing and closing deals, but cold outreach which can take hundreds of activities to secure one meeting. We understand your product and audience which means that we can dive straight into securing leads from day one. We work alongside your team to build a seamless partnership ensuring that your sales team receive hot leads in line with their target. This leaves your teams to concentrate on converting inbound leads while the Gungho team focus on growing new markets and reaching new prospects. Allow your salespeople to close the well-qualified leads they have been provided with, rather than starting from scratch to build up their sales pipeline.

4. A consistent stream of sales leads

We’re making hundreds of outbound activities every day, targeting industries and regions you’re interested in, to make sure that you receive a consistent stream of quality leads. Our lead generation services are delivering thousands of appointments a month, with a rolling year average of 42% going to pipelined revenue.

5. Flexibility and scalability

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, it’s important that your operation remains agile. There is often a fear that outsourcing will eventually replace the efforts of internal sales teams. Our goal is to complement what you do, not replace it. Outsourcing lead generation through email marketing and appointment setting gives you the ability to generate more leads without having to increase internal headcount. This is especially useful in new global markets where putting boots on the ground can be costly.

6. Global Reach

Our highly trained calling teams operate in multiple time zones and support 11 languages. Our global coverage means that we can help break into new markets that your internal teams might not be able to. Given our unique working pattern, we can call our global dataset around the clock. We understand there can be cultural differences across the globe, so with the support of native speakers, we can overcome any challenges and provide consistent results anywhere in the world.

Clients like Dow Jones and CDS Legal have worked successfully with us for many years and continue to be surprised when we secure appointments with companies that they never expected to have wins with, and organisations that were not on their radar. We present opportunities that their internal teams couldn’t have secured which is what makes the partnership so successful.


“Gungho is an integral part of the business development effort. Our internal specialist teams and account managers are all busy doing what we do. We outsource the very important part of the business development cycle to a specialist team who call the industry.

It doesn’t need to be a choice between working with Gungho or having an internal lead generation team because our aim is to compliment and support you in reaching your sales goals. We think of ourselves as part of your team and are lucky to be integrated into so many leading technology vendors.”

Dow Jones

Whether you’re a start-up or a corporation, global lead generation is what we do. Call us on +44 (0) 203 326 8150