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Day in the life of an Inside Sales Agent

By September 9, 2017September 16th, 2022No Comments

My work is 100% focused on having conversations with prospects across the global banking community.  I enjoy capturing their attention on a cold call, and getting them to a point where we can have a good conversation.  I have to know the products I’m selling inside & out.  Identifying with the prospect, and understanding what it is I think they might need from me is a big part of my work.

What was it that first attracted you to working at Gungho?
I was head-hunted by Gungho in 2014 specifically for my language skills.  I have fluent Portuguese, Spanish & English.  I was attracted to the unique approach to to cold calling. Being part of the Gungho team is all about effective listening, in-depth research and having relevant, meaningful discussions.  The remuneration is very different too, we are well compensated with our basic salary.  We have realistic targets and with hard work we can achieve them.

What kind of work were you doing before you joined?
I graduated from University with a Masters in Marketing.  I was lucky enough to secure internships in Seville & Malaga in Spain.  My last internship before moving to England was calling prospects for Mapfre, selling car insurance policies.

What type of campaigns are you currently involved with?
I work on a campaign for a global software company. I make presentations, I run web demos and progress the sale until it’s closed.  I make around 4-5 presentations each week.  I have conversations with a prospect to get them to a point where they want to be engaged in a demo with me.  My territories are Africa, Iraq, Libya, Tanzania, Cape Verde, Angola and most of the South Americas including Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama & Bolivia.

What is your shift pattern?
I work full time, from 10am – 8pm, Monday to Thursday.  We can leave a little bit earlier on a Thursday, but only if we’ve hit target!

Tell me, how do you start your working day?
Coffee in the mornings is a big thing for me.  A little drop of coffee keeps me going, and I always need topping up throughout the day!

Explain a typical day for you?
First thing is always to check my emails and prepare for my day……who is on my hot list and what demos I have coming up.  Then my calling begins, prospecting new contacts and trying to open up conversations with them.  I normally have at least one demo to do every day – I always feel a little bit of apprehension, a little bit nervous before a demo.  I like to book out a quiet room in our offices for my demo; I review my notes on the client, set up everything and try to be 10 minutes early.  I call ahead to see if the prospect needs any assistance getting onto the demo.  Sometimes I can have up to 8 people online.  It’s important to me to try to make my demo’s fun and make the prospects feel relaxed so that we can have good conversations.

How do the targets work?
I have a few different targets to work towards on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis.  We agree an annual target for the campaign, and we break it down into smaller, achievable pieces.  The targets are realistic and I like to achieve them.

How do you respond when you are having a bad day?
Unusually for me today has not been the best… not every day can be paradise!   When this happens, I say to myself that I know I’m capable of turning this around.   I always convince & motivate myself to remove any block I might have.  I give a good smile, brighten the dark bit of my brain and go for it.  It clears and then I’m back on track again!

What do you do on your three day weekends?
I normally take Fridays to go shopping with my wife and we have a nice bit of lunch together.  Saturday is always reserved for football.  I really love the Premier League – Chelsea, Arsenal,Manchester United & Manchester City, I watch them all.  But, Real Madrid is my favourite, then Real Betis and Seville (in that order!).  I attend my local Baptist Church on a Sunday.

Which tips would you share for a successful cold call?
Be positive even when you are having a bad day.  Never give up; you have to invest a lot of time & effort to get success!  Always research your prospects well to really understand the company and job titles you are calling.