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Do you have the guts to cold call?

By January 10, 2018September 22nd, 2022No Comments

With the continued growth of Twitter, LinkedIn etc, you might think that sales people no longer need to pick up the phone.  Not according to Lucy Erskine, CEO & Founder of Gungho. Gungho live & breathe the art of pipeline building every day.

Cold calling is not only alive and well, it’s more important than ever before. Sales people simply can’t rely purely on social selling programmes to secure enough opportunities to hit their numbers.  They can’t hang around for Marketing programmes to plan content, navigate social platforms and wait until they receive inbound interest, a few likes or followers.  Those with guts have to go out into to the wild, and hunt for their own food.

‘I’ve talked to so many sales people about this,’ says Lucy Erskine, ‘the top reps we support with Appointment Setting are big supporters of cold calling.  They secure big chunks of their pipeline through their own gutsy cold calling techniques. We regularly hold cold calling challenges with some of our key clients (who are game enough!) here at Gungho Towers.  Top sales reps themselves are still picking up the phone.  The best reps have always been the most active. They will block out 2-3 hours a week (minimum) in the calendar for the sole purpose of cold calling. They might go in icy cold, or a touch warmer by researching the prospect on LinkedIn or Twitter.  Either way, they have zero fear of picking up the phone – the hour does not matter, and the opportunity is vast for the courageous’   

Be bold, take courage and call. Make sure you have the data you need to directly dial. Try not to over think it but ensure you have the right narrative.  Always lead with why the conversation matters and the intention to uncover the prospects latent pain. And remember, that (sadly) there is never an ‘easy button’ to click when it comes to sales success.

If you haven’t found your perfect cold calling team yet, or maybe you have guts but not time – Gungho can help.  We love cold calling, and make it our mission all day every day.  We’d love to chat to you about your plans for appointment setting & cold calling.  Please feel free to get in touch at