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Day in the life of a Gungho Data Researcher

By December 13, 2017September 16th, 2022No Comments

The success of the Gungho calling campaigns depends on highly accurate, reliable data.  That’s where Data Research comes in!  As a Data Researcher, my job is to maintain & add to the ever growing Gungho data set.  I collect and profile senior decision makers to allow our Business Discovery Teams to perfect their art of cold calling & appointment setting.  I analyse & collect prospect data from LinkedIn & Google.  I find all sorts of useful contact information – mainly relating to job titles focused on Compliance, AML & Risk.

What drew you to the role? Definitely the 4 day week was a big factor! But more importantly I am methodical and love nothing better than working through a spreadsheet.  I especially like being tasked with finding suitable contacts from a long list of companies.  Getting to the bottom of a list makes me weirdly feel fulfilled.  I profile global companies and senior job functions to assess their suitability for a Gungho cold call, this to me (strange as it might seem) – is never dull!

What were you doing before you joined Gungho? I had a career in an Estate Agency.  I enjoyed selling houses, but the long hours & weekend work was not for me.  Now I absolutely love having 3-day weekends so I can spend more time with my family.

Explain a typical day for you?  Before I can do anything – I have to have a cup of tea! The Data Research team has a look at our Campaign Research schedule to figure out what our focus is for the day. I always check what Client Campaign I’m working on and familiarise myself with what Job Titles I am tasked to look for. Sometimes I work for up to 6 different Client Campaigns in a day and it’s easy to get confused between who wants what.  Mostly I just get my head down and crack on!

Tell me something exciting about your role…..I love capturing information, you have to sift through a huge amount of data in this job and it’s rewarding when you finally find the right name. I also love knowing that what I find is going to help my colleagues secure the appointment!

How would you sum up your experience at Gungho in 3 words? Exciting, satisfying and thought provoking.

What would you say is the key to being a successful data researcher? You have to be methodical in this job.  Knowing that it’s the quality of the prospect and not the quantity is the best way to operate.  Staying focused when you are working in a busy office can be distracting, so being hard working and highly disciplined is critical.

Which task has given you the most satisfaction during your time at Gungho? Working on a recent big North American client campaign!  The client tasked us with a large data research project.  The team was tasked to add 1500+ new accounts to the Gungho dataset and to create contacts with a focus on particular job titles around Sarbanes Oxley.  Our Research Team had to work fast to meet the deadline – I found it really exciting and fulfilling!

How do you respond when you are having a bad day? I eat jelly beans, lots and lots of jelly beans!!  Especially around 2.30pm when I get a lull in concentration…

After a busy week in the office, how do you unwind?  I go away, a lot! I love city breaks, Cardiff, London, Bristol…anywhere with good shops and good food!

And finally, where is your favourite place in the world? Rome, I love the history, the people and the food (especially the pizza and the pasta), and it is such a different and beautiful city.

Thank you to Stacey Clifford  for participating in this interview.