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From Capital Injection to Revenue Surge: How Gungho Marketing Empowers Growth

Over the last 15+ years, Gungho has had first-hand experience when it comes to witnessing the growth of not only the RegTech market, but the overall increased need for global B2B technology providers to support companies with new regulations. Funding is essential for technology vendors to develop, maintain, and scale their solutions, ensuring that businesses can navigate complex regulatory landscapes efficiently and effectively.

According to CrunchBase, over the past 12 months alone, our clients have received in excess of $3.4 billion in funding. In the world of startups, securing funding is often seen as the pivotal moment – a turning point that propels a company toward its goals. However, what happens after the capital injection can be equally, if not more crucial to a company’s success.

Startups and those on the second round of funding can feel unsure about how to best use invested funds. This is the point at which who have had their eye on outsourcing lead generation to specialists, can do just that, with the confidence that their money will be well spent.

Lead generation organisations worth their salt are already known to Venture Capitalists and partner with them across multiple investments. Gungho work with investors as an integral part of their long-term strategy, offering a strategic partnership that accelerates growth and maximises revenue.

Venture capital organisations and governance, risk and compliance technology founders alike, take note: Gungho Marketing is your ally on the journey from capital injection to revenue surge.

Funding is Just the Start

After the initial elation that comes with an investment, the reality of the task ahead quickly sets in. When a technology company receives funding, whether through venture capital, private equity, loans, or other financial sources, the pressure to grow and increase revenues becomes apparent for several reasons:

Investors Expect ROI – Investors want this regardless, but the expectation following a financial injection is that the investment will facilitate scalability and that growth equals increased revenue. Outsourcing lead generation can demonstrate a clear path to profitability, and increasing revenue is a step in that direction.

Launch/Improve Products – Startups usually have lots of great ideas about how to improve and build on their value proposition in a competitive market, and long-term, sustainable growth will make these dreams a reality.

Increase Market Share – The vote of confidence that comes with investment is great, but the trade-off is an expectation to aggressively develop a stronger market share. Outsourcing lead generation provides stability and consistency when it comes to sales pipeline and increasing market share.

Attract Further Funding – After initial rounds of funding, organisations need to prove that they are able to scale quickly to demonstrate viability for future investments. With higher revenue, it’s seen as a more stable and sustainable venture, which can be particularly appealing to risk-averse investors.

Exit Strategies/Acquisitions – RegTech boards always have an eye on the long game and it’s after investment that the development of a strong go-to-market strategy comes into play.

Where does Gungho come In?

Venture capital organisations understand the importance of strategic investment. They carefully select promising startups and provide them with the financial resources needed to execute their vision. However, it’s not enough to merely fund a company and step back. Effective post-investment support is critical, and that’s where Gungho Marketing excels.


Empowering Governance, Risk and Compliance Technology Vendors

For founders and CEOs, securing funding is a milestone moment, but it’s also the beginning of a new set of challenges. Gungho Marketing steps in as a partner, guiding organisations through the intricacies of scaling and maximising their market potential.

Gungho Marketing takes a holistic approach to growth, recognising that it’s not just about securing appointments, it’s about providing guidance, expertise, and a network of resources. A secured, verified appointment is a great start, but we also provide crucial, industry-specific feedback to ensure that internal sales teams are empowered to close opportunities.

We work as an extension of the team and collaborate closely with B2B technology vendors, providing them with access to our growing proprietary dataset of over 500,000 professionals. We are heavily ROI-focused and take the pressure off RegTechs by providing them with data in an investor-friendly format, ready to be presented to the board. We live our values of quality, integrity and trust by nurturing long-term relationships based on open communication and tangible added value.


Customised Marketing Strategies

No two companies are the same, and therefore, no two marketing plans should be identical. Gungho Marketing takes the time to understand the unique value proposition of each startup and creates marketing campaigns tailored to their specific needs and goals.

Our army of calling experts, with years of experience in B2B marketing and business development, work hand in hand with founders and CEOs to fine-tune strategies, optimise marketing campaigns, and drive sales growth.

Our integrated appointment setting and email marketing services offer a unique opportunity to outsource your entire lead generation process and build long-term pipeline.


Tangible Results

Gungho has become a chosen partner for many organisations that have received investment funding. We have a proven track record in growing sales pipeline to accelerate revenue growth through high-quality leads.

In the first half of 2023, Gungho’s global calling team secured 7258 highly qualified appointments with Legal, Risk & Compliance professionals. This isn’t by chance, it’s by design. We specialise in the RegTech industry and work with hundreds of RegTechs to help increase the number of leads that their sales team receive.

Our global calling experts, who support 11 languages and multiple time zones, confidently approach new geographies. We enable startups to optimise the efficiency of their sales team – ensuring they spend time closing the deals rather than chasing and nurturing leads/appointments.

Our full and transparent reporting allows you to see how your product is being received in the market and gain valuable industry insights for developing long-term growth and sales strategies. Accurate and detailed sales reporting is paramount at this crucial stage and being able to demonstrate which areas provide a high ROI, will be the make or break of post-investment performance.


A Partnership for Growth

Our holistic approach, customised strategies, and track record of success make us the ideal partner for startups looking to maximise their market potential. Venture capital organisations: consider us your strategic partner in ensuring the startups you invest in not only survive but thrive. And founders, if you’ve recently received funding and are looking to supercharge your growth, Gungho Marketing is here to help you transform your vision into revenue reality. Together, we’ll conquer the post-investment challenges and achieve extraordinary results.


To find out more about how outsourced lead generation can accelerate revenues, get in contact.