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Global Lockdown Not Shutdown

By March 27, 2020September 22nd, 2022No Comments

Global lockdown not shutdown:  Tele-marketing could provide the all-essential revenue pipeline boost.


I think we can all agree things are pretty weird right now. We have heard the word “unprecedented” probably a hundred times over the past few weeks as we sit, collectively open-mouthed, watching events unfolding around the world.

This is a difficult time for humanity, a testing time for our resolve and a completely new way of operating. We don’t know when things will start to get “back to normal”, or what that new normal will look like, but we do know that in terms of large-scale events, they won’t even be considered for at least 6 months. So those trade shows, conferences and awards ceremonies are off the agenda and with that, so are the opportunities to network, to get to know prospective clients and potential collaborators.

So how do you still make those introductions in a world on lockdown? You could exhaust the digital options. Queue hours of scrolling through LinkedIn and sending messages to your contacts (many of whom you haven’t met). How many of us have had those “Hi, how are things?” messages already? We know what it is, we feel the desperation and we roll our eyes thinking about how disingenuous it is.

Reaching out directly to warm contacts via email could also be an option. Sure, but before you go reaching for your mouse, start thinking about the volume of emails you’re receiving. Not only from colleagues who are all working remotely and using email instead of a quick chat at the photocopier, but from every single company you’ve ever interacted with, now sharing their COVID-19 policy. It’s a bit much. It’s spam central right now and you don’t want to be another one of those emails.

Plus, you want to be reaching new prospects. Your existing call list won’t provide that. So, “new”. Where the heck are you going to find new prospects in the middle of a global lockdown? Stop scratching your head and start thinking practically. Now more than ever, you need the best support available. Let your competitors fumble around with LinkedIn, blanket emails and outdated call lists, you’re better than that. You don’t have the time (or inclination) for such thankless tasks.

There is a readily available option to access a global dataset of highly targeted Fincrime, AML and Compliance professionals. Combine this, with an experienced, multi-lingual discovery agent, specifically trained to search out new business, speak to a target audience of compliance professionals and secure those appointments for you.

Our dynamic cold-calling team act as an extension of your business. Unlike those LinkedIn messages or blanket emails, our conversations are genuine, natural and well-informed so that we positively represent your business. We expect to secure appointments (albeit video appointments for now), within the first few days of hitting the phones for you and 65% of our appointments go to revenue pipeline.

We have generated over £16.7m in new business in the last twelve months alone. Our team are ACAMS accredited, passionate about their work and know their stuff. Don’t let this lockdown throw you off. Yes, it’s a really challenging time but your value proposition is still as important as it was 3 months ago, and your work is too important to do badly.

We’re here to have a chat about what we do and how we do it. Just pop an email through to or call +44 (0) 203 326 8150