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The Gold Standard Approach to Data Protection and GDPR in the RegTech Industry

In a time where data is highly prized by every industry in every corner of the planet, it can be difficult to ensure that third-party organisations are pulling their metaphorical weight when it comes to data protection and legal compliance. Keeping up with ever-changing regional regulations and ensuring that data is collected and stored safely is a minefield for RegTechs and that’s without the consideration of a third-party working on their behalf.

Having specialised in B2B telemarketing services for the RegTech sector for over 15 years, we’ve developed a proprietary dataset of 500,000+ professionals from 50 jurisdictions around the globe. For us, data security and protection isn’t a checkbox, it’s an uncompromising commitment. Our corporate values are quality, integrity and trust and we ensure we walk the walk. Speaking with Gungho’s Data Protection Officer about the importance of data protection, it is evident that working in a space that is driven by accurate and highly secure data, we place huge importance on creating and maintaining a secure ecosystem.

So how do we do it, and how have we become a trusted global leader in supporting specialised B2B technology vendors with brand awareness, lead generation and appointment setting? Take a peek behind the curtain at the lengths we go to, to protect our reputation and yours.


Proactive Compliance

GDPR has ushered in a new era of data accountability and privacy. We took the decision early on not to merely follow GDPR guidelines, but to lead the way in proactive compliance. We take a systematic approach to ensure that client data is handled with the utmost respect for individual rights and privacy.

Data isn’t just data, it’s a treasure trove of opportunity that deserves protection. We take a resolute stance that no one can purchase our data. Clients receive data only when an appointment, which is consented to, is successfully booked. This unique approach underscores our commitment to client privacy and data integrity.


Data Sourcing and Verification

We choose quality over quantity in data sourcing every time. We have no need for and see no value in a dataset of millions of irrelevant or unverified contacts and we will never purchase data. Instead, our approach hinges on ethically sourced data using legitimate data collection avenues. We primarily leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator to gather data from the public domain. By searching for specific titles and receiving alerts, we ensure that we acquire reliable, publicly available information. Data accuracy is a priority, so we use tools like Zoom Info to verify email addresses alongside our in-house telephone verification. This isn’t a one-off exercise; our data team are continually cleansing our dataset because we know that accurate data results in well-qualified leads and minimises the risks associated with erroneous data.


Building Trust: Transparency and Openness

We work with our clients as an extension of their team and as such, transparency is the foundation upon which we’ve built our data protection ethos. Clients are assured of full transparency regarding data collection, processing, and storage practices. We understand the importance of brand security and safety, taking on the responsibility of managing the entire data protection and GDPR process on behalf of our global clients.


Setting the Standard in DSARs

Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) are a litmus test for a company’s commitment to data protection. We champion a proactive approach and respond to every request from data subjects upholding their rights at all times. We log each request, compiling a monthly report for internal Board review. This meticulous process ensures compliance, transparency, and ethical conduct.

We respond to every request within 5 days, surpassing our legal obligation of 30 days. With a response time faster than industry guidelines, we ensure data subjects are informed about the data we hold, its origin, and the context of collection. This transparent approach is unique to Gungho Marketing, and we are proud of our stance. It means that most data subjects are happy for us to continue to contact them. Many have expressed how impressed they are with our approach and the interaction often leads to a booked appointment for our clients.


Feedback and Recognition

Our focus on data protection and GDPR best practice isn’t just about compliance; it’s about fostering a positive experience for our clients and maintaining their trust. Expressions of gratitude from clients and prospects alike are testament to the hard work of our 160+ global colleagues.

Simon Ghent, Gungho Data Protection Officer, aptly remarks,

“Gungho have transformed potential obstacles into a positive, transparent process. This reduces risk for our clients and gives people a positive experience with both the brand and the marketing experience.”


Leading the Way

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where safeguarding data is paramount, our commitment to data protection and proactive GDPR compliance sets us apart. We prioritize ethical data sourcing, maintain transparency, and exceed industry standards in responding to DSARs. Our approach not only ensures regulatory adherence but also fosters trust, leading to meaningful engagements with our clients and prospects. With a proven track record and a dedicated team, we’ve turned data protection into a seamless, positive experience, elevating brand security and building lasting relationships.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can take the GDPR and data protection strain, contact us today.