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Time for a career change?

By June 11, 2020September 16th, 2022No Comments

If there is one thing we’ve had more of lately, it’s time. Time to think about the day-to-day stuff like all the jobs that need doing around the house, and time to think about the bigger things, like our place in the world. But it does not necessarily mean that with all this time on our hands, comes action. The spare room might still have a shelf waiting to be put up and you STILL might not be clear about your place in the world.

Since lockdown and the new home office set up, our work and personal lives have been merged in a very physical way, so there is no real escaping if you might be unhappy in your current role and thinking of a career change. Gone are the distractions of hobbies, holidays, and happy days. A magnifying glass has been turned on our careers -life now, literally is, work, eat, sleep, repeat.

So, what do you want from your working life? The opportunity to work for an organisation that values promotion from within, a stretching role that allows you to use investigative and problem-solving skills? Maybe it’s time for a career with Gungho….

Gungho has been fortunate enough to see substantial growth for over a decade and COVID-19 thankfully hasn’t put paid to that. Because of this, we are recruiting for Business Discovery Agents (BDAs) to join our busy team.

But “What’s a Business Discovery Agent?” Well, in short, it is a highly trained appointment-setting ninja. What you need to join the team, is the ability to communicate exceptionally well and the motivation to learn. In return, we provide you with all the support you need to develop your ninja skills on the phone. Want to know more? Let us hear from one of our newest recruits, Matthew Sandy, who joined the team at the beginning of March this year. Matthew swapped the sports industry for career progression and a new challenge.

Matthew, what is it really like being a BDA at Gungho Marketing?

“Being a BDA at Gungho has been fantastic. I had been working at a Golf Club and wanted a career change to learn and do something different. Gungho gave me that chance. The atmosphere and friendly nature of the people made me feel welcome as soon as I walked in the door. I can’t speak highly enough of how the company is run, it is meticulous and thorough. Every single person is willing to help no matter how daft the question is (and I have asked a few of those!) Everyone just wants you to succeed. The unselfish attitude is brilliant, and it’s a place I look forward to going to every day.”

How did you find the training?

“The training was very important to me, as I was going into this new role literally knowing nothing. I was hopeful that the training would be comprehensive so that I could learn quickly, and it was exactly that! Listening and watching people across several campaigns, exposed me to different styles and helped me make the progress I have. The training helped me settle in a lot quicker than I expected and my confidence grew quickly.”

What is the culture like at Gungho?

“As I said before, the genuine, supportive and friendly nature of the people at all levels of the business is so great and something I haven’t experienced in the workplace before. I am loving every day and striving to hit those targets. Also, working with people from different countries is great because you learn about how people have got to where they are, and you form strong bonds.”

How has it been working at Gungho during COVID-19?

“In terms of my personal life, it’s been the worst few months I have endured for a long time. Not being able to see my girlfriend, no sports and no friends has been hard but being able to work from home has been a blessing. The help and support from managers and team leaders has made the process as smooth as it possibly could have been. I am so grateful for all the calls of support and care that have been shown during this difficult time.”

So, there you have it. A friendly, supportive team, excellent training, and the opportunity to do something meaningful. Forget the spare room shelf but do not forget the promise you made to spend your days doing something that makes you happy.

Apply now by picking up the phone and talking to us about what we do or you can visit our careers page if you’re thinking about a career change!

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