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Top Ten Tips for Cold Calling Campaigns – Part Two

By October 28, 2018September 16th, 2022No Comments

The telephone – with all due respect to the inventors of the steam engine, the internet and the George Foreman grill – is probably the most important invention of all time in terms of its impact on the world and the way we live. So why is it, over 100 years since Alexander Graham Bell first picked up the receiver and tried to order a pizza, that we still struggle to master communicating on the phone?

As telemarketers, coming across succinctly and professionally on the phone is vital to our work, and a couple of weeks back we brought you part one of our top ten tips for better cold calling technique. Without further ado, here’s the concluding part – five more gems to improve your cold calling skills, and make you a sharper, more effective telemarketer…

6. Be Appreciative

During any conversation, it’s important to recognise that the person on the other end has chosen to spend time with you on the phone.  A simple “thank you for speaking with me” helps you to connect and gain their trust.

7. Treat People Well

Be respectful to all those you deal with – even if they are not the right person you need to be talking to, they may be able to help you find that right person.  The more people feel that they are understood – that you understand their position in the company, their job responsibilities and the likely main issues and concerns they have – the better the experience you will both have on the call.

8. Drill Down

Once you’ve secured that appointment, don’t be afraid to ask more questions.  Ask the prospect what they expect from the meeting, what would be most helpful for them to understand in the meeting, any core areas they’d like to discuss and what would be most valuable to them.  People love this, because it shows you understand their time is precious and that they want to optimise it!

9. Love Your Employees

In the wrong environment, cold calling can be the worst job in the world.  At Gungho, we love our employees, we make sure that our employees experiences are as brilliant as they can be.  Our clients will only love doing business with us if our employees love working with us.  No one ever managed to treat their customers well by treating their employees badly.

10. Be Proud of What You Do

To be good at cold calling is a truly unique skill.   Not many people can do it well  – you are special!