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Warning: Don’t Cold Call on your Own!

By November 10, 2018September 22nd, 2022No Comments

It never ceases to amaze me that there are companies out there that employ just one cold caller! I pity the lonely cold-caller in the corner of the office.  I did that job once and it’s tough.

Staying focused, determined and productive is very tricky when you’re having a bad day or week.  And it’s also very hard to keep hitting the phones when you are feeling a little conspicuous (the only cold caller in an office where you can hear a pin drop!).  If companies employed two part-time callers instead, I’m 100% certain they’d get better results!  Here’s why…

There’s no Substitute for Team Spirit

With the right attitude and team spirit, cold calling can be the best job in the world, there is nothing better than having a hugely productive day on the phones.  Making 100+ calls per day, having great conversations and creating genuine interest is immensely gratifying.

On the other hand, it can also easily become the worst job in the world and leave you feel hugely disengaged.  When you are making 100+ calls per day and people are not answering their phones, the gatekeepers are grisly and there is a general lack of interest, your enthusiasm can quickly descend into despair.

At Gungho, we always try to buddy up on our cold calling campaigns.  By having a small team calling for the same campaign, you create momentum, healthy competition and team spirit.  We use self-management tools to monitor how many calls we’ve made as a team hour by hour – so there is no room for sloping off to the coffee machine and having fag breaks.  As a team, there is a sense of determination to achieve great results from every single call.  For each campaign team, we set daily targets for achievement and productivity. This, together with a good pinch of positive and cheery team attitude, creates great results for our clients.

So next time you’re planning your head count for cold-callers, do consider a structure where you could employ two part-timers – I’m certain you’ll get far better results than you would with just one lone full-timer. Or, alternatively, you could always take a look at how Gungho can help you!