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How can Integrating Email Marketing and Telemarketing Boost Your Results

By June 23, 2022March 27th, 2023No Comments

Many specialist B2B organisations use both telemarketing and email marketing as key components in their lead generation and go-to-market strategy. Telemarketing and email outreach are strong tools in their own right, however, strategically combining them together generates greater results and serves as a cost-effective way to build brand awareness, grow sales pipeline, and skyrocket revenue.

In the past 12 months at Gungho Marketing, we deployed a combination of email marketing and highly targeted telemarketing to set an astounding 13,000+ qualified appointments with Legal, risk and compliance professionals, for sales teams in RegTech & LegalTech organisations around the world.

Integrating Email Marketing & Telemarketing To Skyrocket Results

It’s no secret that email marketing and telemarketing, when combined, are a power duo, working together to create extremely effective methods for scaling pipeline, connecting with decision-makers, and growing revenue.

With the forecast of the RegTech market expected to be worth in excess of $15.8B by the end of 2026, there is a wealth of opportunity for both new and well-established RegTech vendors to increase brand awareness and market share by utilising our highly specialised lead generation services.

These are some of the benefits of deploying both email marketing and telemarketing in tandem to maximise ROI from lead generation:

Boosting Brand Awareness

If aggressive growth is on the horizon, building and maintaining brand awareness will be crucial in assisting your sales team’s success. Whether you are looking to build awareness of your brand within a new market or cement your brand within an existing market, building this awareness is at the top of any well-calibrated sales funnel and a staple in any go-to-market strategy.

By using a combination of email marketing and telemarketing, you can introduce your brand to a wide variety of prospects within your target audience who wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed to your offering.

We use email marketing to put your brand and messaging in front of thousands of influencers, decision-makers and C-suites within the risk and compliance vertical. Our aim is to ensure that your name is in the inbox of potential buyers. Our telemarketing team then begin their outreach to further qualify warm leads and connect engaged prospects with your SDRs to skyrocket your sales pipeline.

Identify Engaged Prospects Within A Wide Audience

By utilising a combination of email marketing and telemarketing, we can effectively identify interested prospects for the telemarketing team to further connect with.

We extract the email campaign results and see exactly who has replied, engaged with your content, clicked through, downloaded your white papers or subscribed to CTA’s.

This data highlights exactly who your engaged audience is and allows us to build a data set purely consisting of highly engaged prospects. These engaged audiences of risk and compliance personas are then contacted by our telemarketing team in order to set highly qualified appointments for your sales team to attend.

Subtly Position USP’s Before Telemarketing

Utilising email marketing outreach as a prerequisite to telemarketing is an effective way to position your brand and USP’s before our telemarketing team start setting highly qualified appointments for your sales teams.

It’s not always possible to portray your entire message during a cold call with a prospect. Webinars, white papers and sequenced emails are a great way to position your brand in the mind of a prospect before the telemarketing outreach begins.

Once your messaging has been shared with prospects, we deploy our specialist team of business discovery agents to further the conversation with your target audience, with the goal of setting highly qualified appointments and aggressively scaling your sales pipeline.

Scale Sales Pipeline Quickly With Limited Headcount

You can rapidly scale your telemarketing and email marketing outreach without having to scale your headcount. This allows RegTech & LegalTech vendors to get to market faster without to re-consider their internal infrastructure and the budget need that comes with it.

Enter Gungho, we build your ideal customer profile, create a dataset, send the emails, generate interest then follow up with engaged prospects to set highly qualified appointments.

Our deep domain expertise and dataset of over 400,000 legal, risk and compliance decision-makers around the world allows us to deploy, scale and start generating a highly qualified pipeline for your sales team within days of starting a campaign.

This allows for a laser focus on generating pipeline and moving the needle on sales targets, without increasing the costly internal headcount that would otherwise be required.

Reach Prospects In An Active Buying Cycle

It’s surprising how many prospects will engage with email marketing content and thought leadership pieces but never reach out for a demo or a call, even if they’re in an active buying cycle.

RegTechs solely utilising an email marketing approach will be leaving these warm opportunities on the table and interested prospects with a budget may not be making it to your sales team’s pipeline.

Just hours after an email marketing send, we are able to track which of your chosen audience from our risk and compliance database have engaged with your content, regardless of whether the prospect replied to the outreach. We can feedback to you through interactive dashboards, on just how many individuals are clicking and engaging with your content.

These warm leads are seamlessly passed onto our specialised telemarketing team, who then set highly qualified appointments with engaged prospects.

Conclusion – Integrating Email Marketing & Telemarketing To Skyrocket Your Sales Pipeline

Utilising email marketing alongside telemarketing is a highly effective strategy for skyrocketing your revenue, building brand awareness and gaining the best ROI from lead generation campaigns.

This has resulted in Gungho creating an estimated $1B+ of pipelined sales opportunities for our clients.

Interested in finding out how Gungho could support your lead generation? Get in touch now!