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Go-To-Market Faster With Gungho

By December 20, 2021April 17th, 2023No Comments
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Need more in your sales pipeline?

Gungho combine deep domain expertise in Compliance, Risk, Legal, AML, Fraud & FinCrime detection with a global data set of 400,000+ key decision makers. We deploy highly targeted outsourced lead generation programmes, as a cost-efficient way for RegTech Vendors to reach global audiences of target personas, build brand awareness, generate a sales pipeline and boost revenue growth.

In 2022, the Gungho team secured a whopping 14,000+ highly qualified appointments for sales teams in over 50+ RegTech companies. RegTech businesses have long been ‘white-labelling’ Gungho’s inside-sales-as-a-service solution to stockpile their leads and significantly grow revenue pipeline.

This year (and last), in the face of adversity of a global pandemic, there’s been significant growth across the industry and perhaps a record number of new entrants & acquisitions. It’s commonly understood that the global RegTech Market is expected to reach $33.1 Bn by the end 2026.

With this growth comes heaps of opportunity for new & existing RegTech entrants. Each vendor has the possibility to ramp up their market share by securing budget spend with key decision makers inside regulated entities – most of whom shoulder the horribly mammoth task of identifying fraud, money laundering and crypto crime.

The challenge however is this… how do RegTech vendors create an efficient workflow, hire talent and co-ordinate a successful inside sales team in a hurry to gauge interest and leverage these opportunities? Having a killer product (or service) won’t hack it alone. Investors demand strong growth at speed and tackling the route to market with this super specialised compliance audience can be both exciting & daunting.

Enter Gungho, we create, dispatch, and deliver solid results within days of starting a campaign with you. Our specialist team of inside-sales-agents connect with 1000’s of decision makers and secure a sales qualified appointment for your own Sales team to attend. We use deep domain knowledge of AML, FrinCrime, legal, Risk & Compliance regulations along with our unique data set of over 400,000 decision makers (buyers) of RegTech solutions to tee-up interest and fill the sales funnel.

In 2022, the Gungho team engaged in over 2 million direct activities with these senior decision makers, we hosted 90,000 qualifying conversations and confirmed over 14,000+ appointments for a broad range of RegTech companies. It’s estimated that Gungho has contributed an estimated $1B of pipelined opportunity for the global RegTech industry this year alone.

To those Founders, Investors, CEO’s, Chief Revenue Officer & CMO’s of RegTech companies trying to figure out how best to produce a stream of new sales leads, we encourage you to start a conversation with Gungho and establish how we can help fuel your revenue growth.