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RegTech Powerhouse: Kharon ROI attached to Email Marketing

By December 22, 2021September 16th, 2022No Comments

Industry analysis from the likes of HubSpot, CampaignMonitor and MailChimp indicates every $1.00 spent on email marketing delivers $38.00 in revenue.  RegTech companies subscribing to Gungho’s data set – access the largest, most current audience of AML, Compliance, FinCrime, Legal & Risk personas and put it to good use in their Email Marketing Campaigns to leverage better ROI.

With over 100,000+ verified email addresses in over 50 jurisdictions, RegTech vendors subscribing to Gungho access a launch pad to increase audience engagement and grow brand awareness.

Kharon, an elite research and data analytics company founded and led by former senior officials of the U.S. Department of the Treasury is considered a powerhouse in global RegTech, providing sanctions-related risk intelligence to global financial institutions, multinational corporations and public sector entities.

Kharon started working with Gungho in 2021, to augment their sales & marketing teams and expand their lead generation programme. We talked to their SVP Key Client Relations, Joshua Shrager, who is benefitting from an uptick in pipeline opportunities since signing up to Gungho’s Email Marketing Service. Josh currently works with the Gungho team to send 5,000 highly targeted emails a month into the compliance community.


What were the first 30 days like working with Gungho? 

‘I had never used Gungho before but colleagues of mine had at other RegTech companies and they had good things to say about the experience. Kharon run a multitude of lead generation programmes, from general advertising, events, social media, and targeted LinkedIn contact. Recently, we decided to try out working with Gungho and test out their data subscription for email marketing. Within just a month we were confident that Gungho would become a regular part of our marketing efforts.

In terms of working with the Gungho team, it’s a very positive experience, the folks are exceptionally responsive, friendly, helpful, and extremely accommodating. They’ve done an exceptional job walking us through our approach and have been willing to share their domain expertise as to what generates the best results when emailing Compliance & Risk Personas.  I look at our relationship as a partnership and I appreciate that greatly’.


How has the email marketing service helped Kharon so far?

‘We’ve been really pleased with the results we’ve seen so far. The whole process allows us to scale our marketing efforts efficiently.  We’re able to reach an extended audience focused who are interested in buying sanctions related risk intelligence. Subscribing to Gungho’s data set enables precision in our targeting, so that has been extremely helpful.

Our marketing programme is linked mainly to our thought leadership, attached to this is a series of webinars, events, and white papers.  The email campaigns that we’ve been executing have been focused on promoting upcoming conferences, events, white papers and other initiatives. We’ve been reporting a high number of sign-ups, attributed directly to the campaigns that we are running with Gungho.

We track the ROI and monitor results daily, interest has been converted to attendance to events, and in some cases, also sales qualified leads for our sales team to progress. Within less than a month, Gungho has made a direct impact on our sales pipeline, events, and marketing efforts’.


What were your expectations like for the first 30 days?   

‘I expected good results based on what I’d heard from my colleagues, so my expectations were high. Gungho’s service is very much as described and the results have carried forward. It’s exactly how I would expect a lead generation machine to work.  The Gungho data set, combined with their Email Marketing Service has given us access to our perfect target audience, decision makers who are interested in what we do, and who want to engage with that. Kharon are not pushy on the sales front, we want to meet people early in the buying cycle and develop a relationship early.  Our campaigns have led to active sales and partnership conversations which is exactly what we hoped to accomplish’.


What have been some of the challenges working with Gungho?

‘Probably the hardest thing for me is that I sit in an office in California, and the team are in the UK. At times it’s been a challenge but on the flip side of that is despite the time difference, Gungho has been flexible. They’ll stay late to jump on a call if needed and identified members of the team who typically work a bit later, so we know we have a contact if we need one. It’s a time zone challenge but, I’ve been incredibly pleased with the customer service that I’ve seen from Gungho in addressing the challenge and doing all they can to make it work’.


What would you say to other organisations that are considering using Gungho for email marketing?

‘We’ve been very happy with the partnership. Everything is as described and expectations have been exceeded, so I think if there’s an organisation that is looking to expand their lead generation, I would highly recommend considering the services that Gungho offers.

RegTech is a very niche area, so it is amazing that there is a company that exists in the same space as us. They know what I’m talking about! You might work with other marketing firms, who are great at what they do but don’t have the very specific audience focus that Gungho does. The fact that Gungho exists in the RegTech space, means that they should be highly considered by organisations looking to establish a successful lead generation partnership’