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The Inside Track on the 4-day Working Week

By July 8, 2022July 11th, 2022No Comments

With the largest pilot of a 4-day working week currently underway in the UK, many businesses are asking: will it work?

Gungho, a specialist telemarketing agency, supporting a range of global RegTech clients by securing qualified sales appointments, are no strangers to this working pattern and here we share the inside track on the future of work.


70 UK companies and more than 3,300 workers are taking part in the largest trial of its kind under the watchful eye of researchers at Cambridge and Oxford Universities and Boston College. Led by the 4-day week campaign, the trial is running for 6 months based on the 100:80:100 model – 100% of pay for 80% of the time, in exchange for a commitment to maintain 100% productivity.

Researchers and businesses alike are hoping to see a positive impact on productivity, stress and burnout, job and life satisfaction, health, sleep, energy use, travel and much more.

The trial is viewed as ground-breaking and arguably only possible following the shake-up of our working lives due to COVID-19. However, at Gungho it’s business as usual given it’s a working pattern that we adopted over 8 years . it was an innovative step that has helped us become a market leader. Here’s how we did it.

How Does it Work at Gungho?

Our business operates Monday – Thursday in the UK and the US. We work different shift patterns including 5am-3pm (APAC/UK callers), 8am-6pm (UK/EU callers), 10am-8pm (US callers). With offices based in the UK and US, it means that we can literally call around the world, around the clock!

In terms of bank holidays/federal holidays, we work Tuesday – Friday those weeks and add the allowance as a percentage to each individual’s holiday entitlement, allowing staff the flexibility to use the holiday elsewhere in the year.

This non-traditional pattern of working allows us, as tele-marketeers, to have a global reach and better serve our clients. We can be calling Singapore in the morning, and Florida in the afternoon. The extra hours outside the normal 9am-5pm give us the competitive edge.

What do clients think?

This is a question we’ve been asked a lot over the years and normally with a sceptical tone. After all, don’t clients want us to be working 24/7? Well, actually no. In the RegTech industry, in which we specialise, safe in the knowledge we’re not losing any potential opportunities. It makes total sense to our clients, and they know they’re getting the best bang for their buck.

What do staff think?

We regularly talk to our staff about what is important to them. We know that our success is linked with our adaptability and innovation and so we are led by what works for everyone. The 4-day week continues to be one of our popular benefits. Our annual staff survey 2021 showed that 93% of our staff feel that Gungho offers them a good work/life balance.

When we ask what people love about working at Gungho, we always get positive feedback in relation to our working environment, training, career progression and of course, extended weekend:

“A 4-day week means a day for chores, a day for family and a day for myself. This gives me time to do the things I want.” Rob, Senior Operations Manager.

“I absolutely love having 3-day weekends so I can spend more time with my family.” Stacey, Data Researcher.

“The three-day weekend means that I can spend more time on the golf course!” Matt, Operations Manager.

There MUST be a catch?!

We hate to break it to you but there isn’t! We understand the hesitancy though. In every industry, there needs to be a mentality shift when it comes to the 4-day week. Remember pre-COVID when we thought our businesses would collapse if people had to work from home? That thought now seems misguided at best.

The 4-day week works exceptionally well for our business model, allows for a better work/life balance for our entire team, and means all our staff are properly rested allowing us to deliver an exceptional service for our global clients.

After 8 years, an array of happy clients and a happy and dedicated workforce, we know the 4-day week works. What are you waiting for?

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