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Killer Voicemail Tips

By June 8, 2018September 16th, 2022No Comments

One of the many things we ask our Business Discovery Agents at Gungho to create, is their very own secret weapon – a ‘little killer voicemail’.
Killer voicemails are really important to our success.  They help us underwrite our call back rates and increase overall call conversions.

Our advice to you (if you are contemplating cold calling), is that you are going to have to be really effective at leaving voicemails. Begin by accepting that any calling campaign strategy will be hit with many voicemail hurdles, and if you are calling into North America, those hurdles just got bigger!

This short guide will help you address those hurdles head on, and will help create a voicemail that works. We can’t guarantee 100% success rate, but we are certain it will get you better results than you are getting today.

1. Start with something other than your name…..

Avoid starting off your message in the same way everybody else does. ”Hello, its Lucy here from Gungho…..”, this approach creates a problem; the prospect will most likely delete the message without hearing the rest. The prospect is busy and simply will not have the time to listen.
Start your message with something that will make them a little bit curious. ”Hello, I have a query for you around…., wondering if you or someone in your team could give me a call back to discuss this. My number is 01234 567 890, and my name is Lucy from Gungho.”
Yes it’s brutal, but it works!

2. Keep it short

Create your killer voicemail. And then time yourself. Keep it under 10 seconds.

3. Don’t sell

Realise that prospects won’t buy anything from you in a voicemail. Focus your message on getting their attention & interest. Make them curious to call you back.

4. Never mention failed attempts

Mentioning failed attempts will lower the chances of getting a call back.  You are going to sound pretty desperate is you repeatedly leave voicemails referencing all the calls you’ve made and the times you left a message!
”This is Sarah again from Gungho. I’ve left you a few messages and am trying to reconnect to see if you’d be interested in…”
If the prospect didn’t care the first few times, why should they care now?

5. Reference a colleague

If you can reference a colleague, it will give you an advantage. ”Your colleague Stan gave me your name; he advised me that you are responsible for X, and could help me with some queries I have. Please call me and we can co-ordinate some time to have a more detailed discussion? My name is Lucy, the company is Gungho and my number is 01234 567 8910.”

And finally….always remember to slow down and speak clearly, so you are understood.