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Meet The Team – Account Manager, Aimee Hockham

Aimee joined Gungho at the end of 2020, starting out, (as many new recruits do), as a Business Discovery Agent. In just over three years, Aimee has worked her way up through the ranks, being promoted to Team Leader, Campaign Manager, Operations Manager and most recently, Account Manager. This is a very common career route and progression trajectory for Gungho staff due to our rapidly growing international business. Our ethos has always been centred around supporting our staff to flourish, and it’s led to a culture of promoting from within. Here, we spoke to Aimee about her journey so far and what a career with Gungho involves.

What was your experience before joining Gungho?

Before working at Gungho I was studying Event Management at university. I really enjoyed the course but after I graduated in 2020, I decided it wasn’t a path I wanted to go down in terms of a career. I initially got a part-time job as a Customer Service Executive which allowed me to use the skills I had developed at university. It also gave me an insight into what It was like to be interacting with customers on the phone. When I saw the job advertised at Gungho, it seemed like a good fit for me and would offer me the career development I had been looking for.

I joined just before Christmas, so it was an exciting time, and the team were really welcoming and supportive which has continued throughout the time I have been here.


For some, it can be quite daunting to move into a target-driven role. How achievable are the targets and how quickly did you get up to speed with the Business Discovery Agent role?

After the 6 weeks initial training period that all new recruits go through, the targets are very achievable, and you’ll be all set and ready to meet and exceed targets. We now have a much larger Learning and Development team, and the training doesn’t stop at 6 weeks, it continues throughout your 16 week probationary period, and until you feel confident in your role. You also have the opportunity to request additional sessions on topics like objection handling, if you feel you need them afterwards.

Personally, I have never found targets very daunting. For me, having that bit of pressure and a goal at the end of the week helped me to understand expectations and know that I had done a job well. If you put your mind to it and keep a positive mental attitude, you will be fine.


We have rotational working in the office and from home. How often are you in contact with your team?

Oh, every day! It doesn’t matter if we’re working remotely or in the office, the team atmosphere is always there. We communicate well and have regular meetings in person and online. The culture is very supportive, and the management all have an open-door policy and encourage the team to reach out if they need anything. Everyone’s success is shared because it’s such a team effort and we all celebrate each other’s accomplishments.


What support did you have throughout your career journey at Gungho?

The support and guidance have been great. I said from the start that I wanted to progress in my career with Gungho, so at every opportunity, I expressed my interest in the next role up and gradually worked my way towards each promotion. Each career step at Gungho has clearly defined goals and expectations which need to be achieved. Having that clarity is really useful, it helps you prepare for the next step and helps you ensure that you are ready. Having the expectations clearly documented meant that I knew what I needed to do to get to where I wanted to be.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of joining, and especially to someone who might be making a career change to join Gungho?

I would guess that around 20-30% of people who start at Gungho are making a career change which might initially involve a slight step down in terms of where they were in their previous job role. Generally speaking, you can progress really quickly so that really shouldn’t put you off applying. There is no career ceiling here, and we are at the beginning of a really exciting journey in a company that is growing rapidly. I know people wonder ‘Why are you always recruiting?’ and perhaps assume it is because the job isn’t great, which isn’t the case at all, Gungho is growing rapidly and there are amazing opportunities here for everyone.


What do you do with your 3-day weekends?

On my weekends, I love taking my dog out for a walk. I also spend time catching up with friends. Unfortunately, my friends don’t live locally, but having a 3-day weekend means that I have that extra bit of time to travel and see them. Also, Fridays are great for booking appointments! Because everyone is at work, it is much easier to get an appointment to get my hair done! I am also at the start of building a house, so I anticipate this will take up a lot of my time going forward but that is really exciting!


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