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Appointment Setting

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Appointment Setting

Our Appointment Setting service is focused on lead generation and reducing time to market. Our campaigns are customised to your sales and marketing strategy, helping to determine focus and create an account-based campaign around geography, industry vertical, tier and job title.

We design and deliver a results-oriented programme that identifies revenue opportunities in new accounts. We connect with the relevant decision makers, and have conversations that turn into genuine leads, and sales.

Lead generation

How Gungho Marketing supports new business discovery

A rich, global contact resource

Gain access to 500,000+ decision makers within 110,000+ regulated entities including company name, structure, industry, turnover, employee size, assets under revenue, time zone and head office location.

A professional, trained team

Gungho Marketing’s 140+ strong international calling team engage with decision makers daily. Our learning and development team works tirelessly to develop and support our staff to become technology industry experts and to master the art of telemarketing.

Comprehensive job title coverage

Gungho Marketing provides deep job title coverage, such as compliance, risk, money laundering, SM16 & 17 under SMCR, fraud, legal counsel, third party risk and more!

Workflow transparency in

Gungho Marketing’s entire workflow for each client is contained within Every activity is logged, and campaign results and analysis are shared weekly.

A true partnership model

We are an extension of your team and work with our clients to develop a business discovery strategy, including planning, profiling and training.

Real local touch, globally

The Gungho Marketing team support 11 languages and understand the nuances of the local markets they are calling into. We continually work with clients to deepen our knowledge further.
Appointment Setting Processes

When you partner with us, you work with a team who deliver


Getting Set Up

Ahead of any new project starting, ideas are shared to identify the target accounts, audience, countries of interest and particular languages required (Gungho currently support 11 different languages). Consideration is given to likely challenges, the local market regulations and how the campaign might conquer these issues. The competition is meticulously scrutinised and workflow is built to register and report on likely outcomes

Building Your Audience

Our services are customised to your sales and marketing strategy, helping you determine the focus and engagement based on a variety of criteria relating to accounts, persona, job title, industry, geography, size, time zone or region. We build a bespoke audience from our dataset based on your target market.

Learning your product

Training is a key component; the tried and tested approach being fully immersing the Gungho team via an on-site or virtual training day. Your dedicated Gungho callers will spend time learning directly from you, as if they are one of your team.

Reaching out!

Once planning, profiling and training is complete, Gungho will be ready to call out. Each week, Gungho will make hundreds of targeted calls to the companies and audiences you need to reach, helping you to not just hit your sales targets but exceed them.

Tracking and reviewing the results

We share dashboards detailing the calling efforts each week, highlight any future opportunities, pass on insights or trends and exchange ideas and focus for the following week. We will of course, share details of the appointments and opportunities passed across to your sales team, after all, discovering new business is what we are here for!

Our performance in the last 12 months


Outbound Activities


Number of Conversations


Appointments Booked


Average Opportunity Rating

Proven methodology to grow revenue together

Using our contact and results databases combined with senior staff experience of your market, we will co-create a commercial plan and ROI projection with you.
We will identify target prospects on our contacts database and train the calling team on your proposition. Outreach activities will then commence to identify prospects that are in market. Nurturing leads can span over years to ensure you are in the right place at the right time with your prospects.
Calls are made to prospects and well qualified appointments are set up with your sales team. Where prospects decline a meeting but are willing to be contacted again by you, we pass on these prospects for you to contact and build your opted in database. We will also manage this reconnect for you.
Results from our activities and your feedback from the appointments are analysed and changes to improve performance are agreed with you. This process is led by your Client Success Director.

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