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Email Marketing

By subscribing to our Email Marketing Service, you immediately gain access to the world’s largest, and most relevant audience of AML, Compliance, FinCrime, Legal & Risk personas.

With 500,000+ verified email addresses in over 50 jurisdictions, subscribers access a launch pad to increase audience engagement and grow brand awareness.

With our in-house dedicated data team consistently ensuring the accuracy of our dataset, and our email marketing team managing the send and delivery processes, you can be assured that your campaigns are delivered into the inboxes of the right audience for your product and business.

Email Marketing

Engage with Gungho Marketing’s unique email service

Navigate accurately to build target email lists

Full audience profiling is achieved through access to the world’s largest Legal, Risk and Compliance dataset.

Increased brand awareness

Easily promote your value proposition and build brand recognition by targeting key personas with valuable content and messaging.

Data you can trust

The Gungho email dataset is created by our in-house data team and regularly updated by our team of 140+ callers located in the UK and US.

Industry Insights and Trends

Your dedicated email marketing account manager provides invaluable data and analysis via weekly reporting and campaign reviews.

Data protection and privacy rules

With over 15 years of experience, you can rely on us to manage your data protection and privacy laws globally with compliant email campaigns.

Scalability and flexibility

Review your email campaigns statistics in the live Gungho Marketing dashboard to understand audience engagement.
Our Processes

We have developed detailed processes that deliver results


Getting Set Up

We create your own gated account in Marketing Cloud, our email marketing platform that allows you to upload content and view campaign results in real time. The system links directly with our CRM so we can pass leads through to the appointment setting teams. Any compliance questions are also answered here, ensuring we are complying with all regulations.

Building Your Audience

Our services are customised to your sales and marketing strategy, helping you determine the focus and engagement based on a variety of criteria relating to accounts, persona, job title, industry, geography, size, time zone or region. This is the foundation of your campaign and identifying your target audience from the Gungho dataset of 500,000+ contacts. Your Account Manager will support you to build your audience and will continually review throughout your subscription to ensure key target personas are accurately identified.

Content Approval & Testing

Once you are happy with your audience, and you have uploaded your message, it is over to us to ensure that it is landing in the inboxes of your target audience in line with your campaign goals. We test that the email will be formatted correctly in multiple versions of Outlook, Gmail, Android and IOS systems to ensure you have the best chance of success. All before sending the final copy to you for confirmation.

Sending your Email Campaign

Once signed off, we schedule the campaign at your chosen date/time to you target audience. When targeting different regions, we split the campaign to ensure your message is always received at the optimal time.

Tracking and Reviewing the Results

Although you have constant access to the results, we host post campaign meetings with your team and share the results of each campaign including detailed information around open and click rates, any unsubscribes and opportunities for the future. We then exchange ideas for the next campaign so that we can maximise your ROI.

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