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Integrated Services

A winning combination: Integrating Email Marketing & Telemarketing to Skyrocket Results

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Integrated Services

By blending Appointment Setting and Email Marketing, you can outsource your entire lead generation process and build long-term pipeline.

Everything from growing brand awareness, promoting an event or announcing a new product launch can be done successfully via our integrated service.

Appointment setting, lead nurturing and email marketing powered by our market-leading dataset and supported by our transparent reporting processes, set the foundations for long-term business growth.

Integrating Telemarketing & Email Marketing

How Gungho Marketing supports specialised tech vendor business discovery

Create Hot Leads

By subtly positioning your messaging via email marketing, your prospect will have a level of brand awareness that will enable our appointment setting team to secure a qualified appointment.

Flexible Scalability

Our team of 140+ business discovery agents and global dataset allows sales teams to increase their pipeline quickly. Blending our services enables sales teams to generate more leads without increasing in-house headcount.

Reach Prospects In An Active Buying Cycle

Gungho Marketing provides deep job title coverage, such as compliance, risk, money laundering, SM16 & 17 under SMCR, fraud, legal counsel, third party risk and more!

Workflow transparency in

Gungho Marketing’s entire work-flow for each client is contained within Every activity is logged and campaign results and analysis are shared weekly.

A true partnership model

We work with our clients to develop a business discovery strategy, including planning, profiling and training. We want to be seen as part of your team.

Real local touch, globally

The Gungho Marketing team understands the nuances of the local markets it is calling into, and works with clients to deepen knowledge further. We support 11 languages.
Our Processes

We have developed detailed processes that deliver results


Getting Set Up

Everything we do is white labelled so that we become part of your marketing team. Ahead of any new project starting, ideas are shared to identify the target accounts, audience, countries of interest and if any particular languages required. Consideration is given to likely challenges, the local market regulations and how the campaign might conquer these issues. The competition is meticulously scrutinised and workflow is built to register and report on likely outcomes. We will create your team your own branded Salesforce Marketing Cloud account, allowing us to track the results of your email campaigns and easily shared results and insights with your telemarketing team.

Determine the focus and build your audience

Our services are customised to your sales and marketing strategy, helping you determine the focus and engagement based on a variety of criteria relating to accounts, persona, job title, industry, geography, size, time zone or region. Working together, we build a bespoke audience from our dataset based on your target market. We will continually review the audience to ensure key target personas are accurately identified.

Learning your product

For our telemarketing team, training is a key component; the tried and tested approach being fully immersing the Gungho team via an on-site or virtual training day. Your dedicated Gungho callers will spend time learning directly from you, as if they are one of your team.

Reaching out!

We are now ready to pick up the phones and start sending email campaigns. With a consistent feed of emails hitting the inboxes of your target audience, each week, Gungho will make hundreds of targeted calls to the companies and audiences you need to reach, helping you to not just hit your sales targets but exceed them.

Tracking and reviewing the results

With weekly calls, quarterly reviews and access to our email platform you will always be aware of the performance of your campaigns.

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