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Unparalleled data depth

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Unparalleled Data

Gungho Marketing has a dataset of 500,000+ professionals from 50 jurisdictions around the globe, providing deep job title coverage, such as compliance, risk, money laundering, CF10 & CF11 under SMCR, fraud, legal counsel, third-party risk and more.

We understand that to run a successful lead generation and appointment setting campaign, accurate data is essential to success. Our data is continually updated by our expert in-house data research team alongside our 140+ team of telemarketers who are calling into, verifying and enhancing accuracy on a daily basis. Although we boast 500,000+ contacts, we pride ourselves on the relevance of our data. We reduce irrelevant job titles that create noise and slow workflow.

Niche industries often have a high turnover of key decision makers, regularly moving to the next exciting opportunity. Our data gathering workflow allows us to track these changes and update the data to ensure our team spend more time having conversations, than researching who to speak with.

Unparalleled Data Set

How our data supports RegTech, LegalTech & B2B FinTech vendors with business discovery

Industry leading data

We have developed the world’s largest Legal, Risk and Compliance dataset.

In-house data team

We never buy or sell data. We have our own team of dedicated data researchers.

Up-to-the-minute accuracy

Our proprietary dataset is completely unique and cleansed by 140+ team members weekly.

Genuine, relevant contacts

We verify all our prospects and confirm contact details, making sure we have real buyers.

Quality and quantity

We eliminate the noise and ensure our 500,000+ contacts are all relevant.

Detailed search functionality

We filter and target accounts based on your specific criteria such as geography, asset size, location and industry.

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